30 Awesome Fall Crafts for Kids

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When summer starts to fade into fall, it’s hard not to feel a bit wistful—but don’t let the changing seasons get you down. Instead grab your offspring and make some art together: These fall crafts for kids will provide a mood-lifting burst of creative energy that will leave you both excited for the new season.

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1. Pinecone Owls

A humble pinecone can be used to make all kinds of crafting masterpieces and this pinecone project is particularly manageable for kids and caretakers alike, because there’s a handy template included and all the materials are easy to find at the dollar store—if you don’t already have them in your craft box, that is. Note: Since this craft involves cutting felt, it’s best for kids who are old enough to have honed their scissor skills.

2. Toilet Roll Woodland Friends

These woodland creatures are ridiculously cute and exceptionally easy to make. All you need is a toilet paper tube, glue, pom-poms and paint for a simple art project that even very little kids can do (as long as you don’t care about a Pinterest-worthy finished product). Either way, the hands-on process of crafting these forest creatures will encourage creativity, while also providing your kid with plenty of entertainment.

3. Colorful Newspaper Owl Craft

An inexpensive and easy craft that requires nothing more than recycled newspaper, water colors and construction paper to achieve a decidedly awesome effect. (New rule: All newspapers must be painted with uplifting rainbow colors so they’re easier to digest.) Best of all, preschoolers can handle this art project on their own and with a little help from a grown-up friend, even toddlers can craft to their hearts’ content.

4. Leaf Clay Dish

Leaves are used to make a delicate imprint on air-dry clay in these beautifully painted clay dishes. This project requires more advanced motor skills and a good attention span, so it’s most appropriate for slightly older kids. Try it out with your tween for a fun activity and an impressive finished product that will inspire pride in both parent and child.

5. Corn Husk Flowers

These corn husk flowers make for gorgeous home decor and the process of dying and assembling them is a family-friendly project that kids will love to dip their hands in. When the petals have been fastened in place, your child will have a homemade bouquet she’ll be proud to put on display.

6. Clay Leaf Mobile

This clay leaf project is suitable for the preschool crowd, and the only supplies you need are air-drying clay, paint and a roll of cooking twine. (Your young child likely brings home the rest of the required materials—sticks and leaves—every time he leaves the house.) Best of all, the end result of this simple craft is an attractive mobile you’ll be truly happy to see hanging in your home.

7. Yarn Pumpkins

This festive craft is way easier than it looks and kids of all ages are sure to get a kick out of it. Yarn, pipe cleaners, glue and dollar store balloons are the only supplies you need to pull off this intricately-spun 3D pumpkin. Bonus: The whole project culminates with the popping of a balloon—need we say more?

8. Painted Acorns

Take your child out for a nature walk with a mission: to collect as many (unblemished) acorns as possible. Once the bag of loot has been brought home, throw a smock on your kid and hand him a palette of acrylic paints for a craft that encourages fine motor precision. Hint: Put an older child to work on this one and you might just get an attractive centerpiece out of the project.

9. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Corn

Pipe cleaners and earth-toned pony beads are the only two items needed to make this cute, seasonal craft, which can be done independently by kids of all ages. Bonus: This one is like a fine motor skill boot camp for the youngest kids—sure to keep ‘em entertained as they develop valuable skills.

10. Fall Handprint Tree

Toddlers and preschoolers alike will be thrilled by the project of putting together this handprint tree. The painting aspect involves one color on a paper plate (so even the tiniest kids have a good chance of achieving the intended effect) and the rest of the craft is just as little kid-friendly.

11. Leaf Printing Mandala Art

This brightly colored piece of art is a cinch to make and the novelty of painting fall leaves has considerable kid-appeal. When the painting and imprinting process is done, the result is a vibrant mandala design, full of delicate detail and certain to elicit oohs and ahhs from any child.

12. Leaf Silhouette Art

Another celebration of fall leaves, this art project looks as striking as the real thing when complete. Best of all, the creative genius behind this one has included a variety of techniques in the tutorial—all of which create a dazzling effect—so you can pick one that works best given your child’s age and ability level.

13. Toilet Roll Turkeys

Ah, fall—the season where we contemplate the cycle of life, celebrate the harvest, and see a turkey every time we look at our hand. While we have nothing against doing handprint turkey drawings with our kids, it’s a little played out. Prepare to give thanks this autumn with a three-dimensional turkey craft instead. The process covers all the bases—drawing, painting, cutting—and the finished product is eye-catching and festive to boot.

14. Toilet Roll Owl

It’s not exactly a secret in the crafting world, but a toilet paper tube presents endless possibilities for kid-friendly art projects—and this owl is one of the cutest we’ve seen. It’s also incredibly simple to make with nothing but a few basic materials (cardboard, toilet paper tube, paint, and glue). Very young children will need some help gluing and cutting with precision, but even a toddler can get in on the action if assigned the task of painting the tube.

15. Fall Potato Stamping

What better way to celebrate the fall harvest than by using food to make art? This potato stamping project features a novel technique that kids will get a kick out of. Children can help make the stamps (except the part where a sharp knife is required) and then take over completely once the spuds are ready and the autumn-themed painting project begins.

16. Fall Pop Up Tree Craft

These pop-up cards, outfitted with colorful fall trees, are undeniably cute and easy enough for a kid with cutting skills to make independently. Best of all, the only supplies you need to craft this 3D surprise are scissors, cardstock and glue. When the project is complete, your child can put the card on display, or slip it into the mailbox to invite your his best buddy to join for an apple-picking adventure.

17. Reversible Scrap Wood Pumpkins

This one is a little bit more involved and you’re less likely to have some of the materials (chunks of scrap wood, raffia and burlap) on hand. That said, parents that enjoy crafting should give this one a try. Just be aware that most of the heavy crafting will need to be done by an adult—but by all means tap your kid when it’s time to paint the pumpkins!

18. Fall Forest Paper Chains

When it comes to crafting, it doesn’t get much easier than a paper chain project, but toddlers and preschoolers will still be plenty impressed with the festive finished product. Depending on your kid’s skill level, potentially every aspect of this simple art project—from drawing faces on woodland friends to cutting and gluing the construction paper—can be done by tiny hands.

19. Craft Stick Scarecrows

There’d be no fall harvest without something to keep the crows away. You’ll likely need to take a trip to the craft store for this one (or order one of these miniature straw hats online) but once you gather the required materials, the process of assembling these craft stick scarecrows is completely kid-friendly and tons of fun. Bonus: The finished craft can be used as a puppet for even more entertainment and play.

20. Nature Weaving Craft

Crisp air and vibrant fall colors are two excellent reasons to take a stroll through the park with your child—and when you do, be sure to bring back some souvenirs—flowers, leaves, and at least a few sticks. (You’ll need the latter to assemble the loom.) Older kids can help put the loom together, but even small children who lack the dexterity required to tie the sticks together will enjoy the exploration of aesthetics as they arrange found objects between the strands of yarn to achieve an eye-pleasing display.

21. Felt Leaf Finger Puppets

Slip these felt leaf finger puppets on your kid’s tiny digits for a ridiculously cute way to showcase fall colors and encourage pretend play. You’ll want to fly solo for the first part of the crafting process, which requires both precision and a hot glue gun. But once the felt has been secured into a finger puppet form and glue has cooled, bring your child on board to bring each leaf to life with googly eyes, button noses, bows and a hand-drawn mouth.

22. Fall Windsock Craft

Head to the craft store or add the following items to cart: crepe paper, cardstock, brown paint and a few sheets of foam leaf stickers. Great, now you’re all set to craft this colorful windsock with your child. Preschool age kids and even toddler should be able to manage the simple strokes required to create the tree and its branches, and the application of peel-off, adhesive leaves is a fun way for little kids to work on fine motor skills. When the project is complete, hang the windsock outdoors so your child can admire his artwork as it blows in the breeze.

23. Mosaic Paper Acorn

Set your child up to make a beautiful paper mosaic for independent crafting and an impressive end result. The template is included in the tutorial so once the pattern has been put down on paper, kids of all ages can start assembling a colorful acorn-shaped collage with clippings of construction paper, magazines or original painted works of art.

24. Origami Fox Finger Puppets

Follow this straightforward origami tutorial to make charming fox finger puppets with (or for) your child. Encourage your child to follow along with their own sheet of paper as you make your way through the folding steps—the crafting process might be a challenge for younger kids, but the exercise is a great way to incorporate visual and conceptual learning with art. (Plus, as long as one party succeeds at simple origami, your child will still walk away with a finger puppet to decorate and play with.)

25. 3D Paper Apple Tree

This 3D apple tree project employs the exceedingly simple paper chain technique to achieve a piece of art that really pops, with very few supplies required. (Hint: If you aren’t invested in the project as a keepsake, swap the cardstock and extra strength glue out for construction paper and Elmers to save yourself a trip to the craft store.) Bottom line: This seasonal craft is an ideal pick when you want something that is relatively mess-free and manageable for kids of all ages.

26. Fall Tree Art

More fall trees, please. This engaging painting project brings an innovative approach to the familiar medium: Carpet squares, which take the place of paint brushes, provide a creative experience that encourages textural exploration, and the brown paper bag used for the trunk adds dimension and visual interest. The end result? A kid-friendly mixed media project that is as fun to look at as it is to make.

27. Elbow Macaroni Turkey

If you have a small child living in your home, there’s a good chance your pantry is stocked with elbow noodles. Good news: You can use that pasta to please your picky eater between meals, too. Little kids will love dipping the noodles in paint, and with a little help from a grown-up, even toddlers can succeed at engineering a turkey out of their favorite food.

28. Scarecrow Mason Jar

Kids of all ages will have a blast painting and pasting features on a mason jar to make this offbeat scarecrow decoration. A craft store run may be required for materials like raffia and glass-friendly craft paint, but the errand will be well worth your time since this project has something to offer artists of all skill levels.

29. Pressed Leaf Art

Take your child out to collect some leaves and then head home to preserve the season with this kid-friendly pressed leaf collage. Thanks to the glossy sheen that mod podge imparts, this piece of art that has enough visual appeal to hang on the wall. Alternatively, you can cut the leaves out once they’ve set and use them for other crafts. (Scrapbooking, anyone?)

30. Autumn Leaf Butterflies And Dragonflies

Once the leaves start to drop from trees, they’re fair game for fall art. Case in point: This super cool craft that requires nothing but stuff collected from outdoors (yep, there’s a scavenger hunt opportunity here) and some tacky glue. The finished project results in stunning and surprisingly realistic models of beloved flying bugs.

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