10 Pairs of Dog Rain Boots to Keep Your Pup’s Paws Dry (& Your Floors Clean)

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As spring approaches (or winter warms up), rainy days will make walking dogs a little more wet. Wet paws can mean messy homes, bacterial infections and dangerous, slippery conditions for senior or arthritic dogs. To keep your pup’s paws dry and safe, many dog parents turn to dog rain boots. When choosing a pair of rain boots for your dog, make sure the manufacturer states whether the shoes are waterproof or water resistant. Warm is good, but only if the boots keep the paws dry.

How to Measure Dog Paws for Booties

Almost every dog rain boot brand on our list offers instructions on how to measure dog paws. Like human feet, paw size varies among and within breeds. Some dog owners will even note the front paws on their pup are smaller than the back paws. It’s wise to measure each paw to buy as accurate a size as possible.

  1. Place a piece of paper in front of your dog.
  2. While your dog is standing, place a paw on the paper.
  3. Press down slightly, so the paw spreads out like it does when your dog walks.
  4. Make a mark on the paper at the widest points on either side of the paw.
  5. Make a mark on the paper at the longest point at both ends of the paw, including the nails.
  6. Measure each distance.

You may get the sizing wrong on your first pair of dog boots (or if you switch brands), and that’s OK! It’s not an exact science. The boots should be snug enough that they don’t fall off but loose enough so your dog can move freely and easily.

How to Get Your Dog to Wear Booties

Some dogs take to boots quickly. Others…not so much. Dogs new to boots will need lots of positive reinforcement and high-value treats in the early stages. Let them wear them in the house for a few minutes at a time each day for several days before venturing outdoors. This gives them a chance to break them in and get a sense of what the heck is going on.

Several reviewers of the dog rain boots on our list mentioned using tactics similar to giving your dog a bath when putting boots on. Tricks like distracting dogs with licking mats full of peanut butter can drastically improve the experience for everyone.

The Best Dog Rain Boots at a Glance

Best Overall

1. Covert Safe Dog Boots


  • Why We Love It: Two adjustable straps to keep boots on

More than 3,200 users gave these boots a five-star rating on Amazon. Customers rave about the boots’ ability to stay on and how much their dogs enjoy wearing them (after getting used to them, of course). With sturdy soles that keep water out, these are well-priced and come in eight sizes and four bold colors.

Best Anti-Slip

2. Expawlorer Anti-Slip Dog Shoes


  • Why We Love It: Anti-slip feature, reflective straps, versatile for many types of terrain

These dog boots work well in colder climates, where rain could turn to snow at any moment. We love the anti-slip, grooved sole design because it keeps your pup from slipping on wet surfaces. Reflective straps make nighttime walks safer and putting shoes on easier. While these are waterproof, it’s not recommended to let you dog wear them at the beach—sand and deep water can seep in and make walking uncomfortable.

Best for Medium to Large Breeds

3. QUMY Dog Shoes & Paw Protectors for Large Dogs


  • Why We Love It: Strong soles, reflective straps

These are another great waterproof option for colder climates. Made out of durable rubber, the soles grip well and make walking on slippery ice or hot pavement a breeze. This could be why they’re Amazon’s best-selling dog boot. Reviewers note these boots might run large, so measure carefully and be prepared to exchange them for a pair that fits better (luckily, customer service is top notch and buyers rave about how quickly these issues were resolved). These boots come in six colors, including leopard print, so let your dog’s personality shine.

  • Why We Love It: Well-made

Luckily, QUMY makes rain boots designed specifically for small breeds, too! These have tongues with zippers to ensure a snug, yet comfortable fit. There’s also a strap over the zipper. Reviewers love the high-quality of these boots. Like their big dog counterparts, the boots have anti-slip soles and are waterproof. They come in the same colorways as the larger version and also have reflective straps for added nighttime safety.

Most Eco-Friendly

5. PawZ Rubber Dog Booties

  • Why We Love It: 100 percent biodegradable, easy to clean

You get 12 individual rain boots when you buy a pack of PawZ Rubber Dog Booties. They are reusable, but are also 100 percent biodegradable, which means tossing them after your dog wears them out is more eco-friendly. The manufacturer warns these can run small, so it may be worth sizing up. Since these slip on and are free of thick soles or straps, they are said to offer a more natural feeling than other boot styles. Many reviewers say these can be tricky to put on. Paws Jaws, a device that holds the rubber bootie open so you can slide your pup’s paw inside, is “absolutely necessary,” according to many users.

Most Durable

6. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

Ultra Paws

  • Why We Love It: Long-lasting, great for dogs with joint issues

ToughTek is the secret ingredient to these extra durable dog rain boots. It’s a “grippy, flexible and skid-resistant thermoplastic” designed to keep dog paws dry, warm and clean. The manufacturer also says the design helps dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis keep a solid grip on slippery surfaces. It seems the only drawback of this material is a stiff boot. Reviewers note the boots are very stiff to begin with, which means some breaking in may be necessary. Once you do this, though, these boots will last a long time.

  • Why We Love It: Cute design, easy to put on

First of all, we love the YOULY Nature Lover Colorblocked Rain Coat that goes with these YOULY boots. Second, the bright teal and yellow boot options are fresh and easy to spot from a mile away. Reviewers with arthritic dogs love these boots as they offer traction on wood floors and sidewalks alike. Unfortunately, according to users, the smaller sizes may still be too big for tiny breeds (or slip down easily on thin legs).

  • Why We Love It: Tall with two straps to keep boots on

For a more flexible fit, we recommend Bark Brite’s neoprene dog boots. These are water-resistant (not waterproof) with a lining that makes sure pup’s paws don’t get too hot or too cold. The larger sizes come with two straps (smaller sizes only have one strap) to keep these taller boots on tight. Based on customer feedback, Bark Brite recently reinforced the heel for more durability. They come in black and light blue.

Dog Rain Boots: stock image of Hcpet Waterproof Dog Shoes

Best for Outdoorsy Dogs

9. Hcpet Waterproof Dog Shoes

  • Why We Love It: Stay on well, lots of color options

Available in seven colors, these waterproof shoes have more than 1,200 five-star ratings on Amazon. Users enjoy the fact that they stay on their dogs (though they can be stiff at first and may take a couple walks to break in). If you live in a hot climate, Hcpet also makes breathable dog boots that work well in light rain.

Best Sock-Style Boot

10. KOOLTAIL Anti-Slip Dog Socks

  • Why We Love It: Stay on well, easier to put on than some styles

Yes, socks! These socks have rubber soles that keep water out and help dogs stay balanced on slippery surfaces. We like that they come up high (knee socks, if you will) and yet are breathable. Some reviewers noted these weren’t as good in the anti-slip department, but many were satisfied with how well the socks stayed on, compared to shorter boots.

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