10 Creative Ways to Usher in Summer with Friends and Family

Summer 2021 is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Things are beginning to feel comfortable again and that, friends, is certainly something to celebrate. In partnership with Heinz, we’re offering up 10 ways to enjoy yourself all season long, from pool float bonanzas to frankfurter face-offs.

backyard family games
Kaitlyn Collins

1. Backyard Family Games

Ready, set, go: Let the backyard games commence! Grab your family, divide yourselves into teams and put your skills to the test by going through an obstacle course of fun lawn games. The winning team gets first dibs on the killer barbecue spread. (So, you know...don’t lose.)

full table nachos
Kaitlyn Collins

2. Full-table Nachos

Shake up your usual dinner night with a full spread of nachos. And by full, we literally mean full because why have a plate of nachos when you can have an entire table’s worth? Cover the table with plastic wrap or kraft paper and layer the nachos directly on top for a full-table feast. We suggest swapping out the usual sour cream for Heinz Mayoracha for a hint of spice.

pool float bonanza
Kaitlyn Collins

3. Pool Float Bonanza

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t give in to the pool float craze. Relax in style this summer by filling a pool (whether your own or the town’s) with the coolest floats. Because what’s better than lounging on a giant slice of pizza or a stacked cheeseburger while sunbathing? If anyone needs us, we’ll be on the unicorn.

getaway gardens
Kaitlyn Collins

4. Getaway Gardens

If you prefer to spend time surrounded by greenery rather than the pool or beach, make yourself a getaway garden. Carve out a special place in your backyard with twinkle lights and a bistro set to provide a little escape whenever you need it. They make the best spots for alfresco dining, so make sure to take advantage of the weather and eat outdoors whenever possible.

frankfurter face off
Kaitlyn Collins

5. Frankfurter Face-off

National Hot Dog Day is July 21, and we see no better way to celebrate than with a frankfurter face-off. Challenge your family, friends or neighbors to come up with the most over-the-top and creative hot dog toppings. Think gravy and fries, chili, or taco toppings! The only rule? Heinz condiments must be included.

lunar late nights
Kaitlyn Collins

6. Lunar Late-nights

Sure, we typically enjoy most of what summer has to offer while the sun is out, but there’s something about its nights that will always have a place in our hearts. Host a nighttime picnic in your backyard or neighborhood park to witness one of the summer’s full supermoons. Pack a basket full of the essentials and moon gaze away.

lemons for all
Kaitlyn Collins

7. Lemons For All

Take a day to appreciate the cheerfulness that lemons bring to the table because you know, when life gives you lemons… Round out your day with a backyard dinner featuring classic BLTs with Heinz Mayonnaise, a refreshing glass of lemonade and sweet treats (lemon cakes, obviously).

best friends dinner party
Kaitlyn Collins

8. Best Friends’ Dinner Party

Gather your BFFs and share your love by hosting an outdoor dinner party. Ask each attendee to bring one dish that represents their personality so that the dinner truly encompasses everyone. Because your friend group deserves nothing but the best.

sandcastle showdown
Kaitlyn Collins

9. Sandcastle Showdown

Take a beach day (or an afternoon at the sandbox) to the next level by hosting a sandcastle showdown. Gather the friendly competitors, break out the shovels, set a time limit and start digging. Tip: Ask a person nearby to be the final judge so there isn’t any bias on who’s declared the winner.

unplugged strolls
Kaitlyn Collins

10. Unplugged Strolls

After spending so much time indoors this past year, we’re calling for a technology breakup. Take a day to unplug from your screens and go for a walk through the woods to rejuvenate your body through your senses. You’d be surprised at how much one nature walk can do a body and soul good.


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