8 Couples on the Biggest Fight They've Had in Quarantine

Quarantine is stressful, to put it extremely lightly. And yes, sometimes stress brings out the worst in us—and our partners. That’s why we asked eight couples to spill about the biggest fights they’ve had while being cooped up with their boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses.

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1. The Couple Whose Move-In Date Was Moved Up

My boyfriend and I were set to move in together in September, but we ended up living together early because of quarantine. I don’t think he was anticipating this ultimate crash course boot camp of living with me. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Truer words have never been spoken. While I love him to death there’s something about both having ‘alone times’ so that when you are together, that time shared is epic. One of our biggest fights to date is about his need to splash water ALL over the sink and floor just to brush his teeth. I literally lost my mind the other day and just to bust his chops, I wore my rain jacket the next morning while standing next to him brushing his teeth.” -V&P, together for 1.5 Years

2. The Couple Where One’s an Essential Worker

“Our biggest fights have been over the differences between us right now, as he’s an essential worker. Most of the time he’s been great at coming home, sanitizing and taking a shower immediately. One fated Friday, however, after I had spent the whole afternoon sanitizing (our plumber had come over to solve our lack of running water), my husband sauntered in and grabbed a beer from the refrigerator on his way to the shower—without washing his hands first. Let’s just say my reaction was not as calm and measured as one might hope.” -A&R, together 6 years

3. The Couple Who Can’t Grocery Shop as Often as They Want

“At the beginning of quarantine, my husband and I fought about grocery shopping every time it came up. Converting from every-few-nights shoppers to every-few-weeks shoppers forced us to look at the logistics in a way that was just asking for trouble. (‘Do you need to go out for a bag of chips? Why didn’t you get kale last time? Did you breathe too close to anyone?’ etc.) Not to mention the added stress of LITERALLY BEING IN DANGER by going to the store. He loves to run out for a last-minute snack and I’m a borderline hypochondriac, but ultimately, we came to an agreement when we found a way to order produce from a local supplier…and realized we could order chips online.” -K&S, together for 6 years

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4. The Couple Who Argue Over Decision-Making

“The thing we fight about most is deciding what to eat. We have our go-to meals, but we’re getting bored of them, so it’s constantly, ‘You decide,’ ‘No, you decide.’ The one positive is that it’s made me look up new recipes and try new things so that neither of us has to decide from our current roster of staples.” -C&N, together for 5 years

5. The Couple Arguing About the Future of the World

“My husband is very nervous about the coronavirus—to a fault. I’m extremely cautious (and of course I get how horrible it’s been and will continue to be), but he’s being paranoid to the point where I’m not sure if he’s ever going to leave the house without a major fight. I understand being careful and abiding by every guideline, but eventually things are going to start opening up, and I don’t want to deal with his judgment when I think he’s taking things too far.” -E&R, together for 31 years

6. The Couple Who Have Different Dishwasher Methods

“Our biggest fight was about how you put dishes in the dishwasher and how there are rows that you should keep to in order to fit everything verses throwing them in randomly. If I'm going to cook, you need to take part in the process and clean up. It blew up from there (which is another conversation).” -D&A, together for 13 years

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7. The Couple Who Need More Space

“There was a two-week period where we fought about everything, to be honest. But our biggest issues have been about the amount of space we have in our apartment. Like having only one bathroom. And if we should spend an extra $15K a year to move to a two bedroom. But what’s the need for a two bedroom? Aside from the two months a year we’re in quarantine. We just need space.” -L&M, together 12 years

8. The Couple with a New Cooking Routine

“Neither my boyfriend nor I were big cooks before coronavirus hit, but I would still go grocery shopping and stock our fridge with some essentials and a few snacks. He would order take out all the time instead. Now, however, he has discovered his inner Bobby Flay, and while I am 100 percent on board with him cooking more often (he’s really very good), I am not OK with him rearranging and taking over my refrigerator. He’ll straight up remove things he thinks I don’t really need—like our Brita pitcher—and leave it on the counter to make room for the five types of cheese he purchased. We go back and forth and back and forth arguing about how to organize and arrange our fridge. It’s so dumb and I’ve basically given up for now. That said, he just left for the grocery store, so I expect another round of ‘communication.’” -A&B, together for 4.5 Years

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