These 9 Celebrity Breastfeeding Selfies Are Total (Liquid) Gold

Nursing for the first time? It’s not easy, we know, but you’re not alone. Here, nine familiar faces (and fellow moms) showing the beauty of breastfeeding.

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Olivia Wilde

Proving her hubs isn’t the only funny one in the fam, Wilde’s caption to this adorable shot was, “My drinking buddy.”

Audrina Patridge

Beachy balayage strands, cut-off band tee and a baby on her bosom: Patridge is the picture of a modern-day momma and we love it.

Molly Sims

As a third-time mother, Sims knows a thing or two about nursing (including which breast pump is the best and why a nursing pillow will end up being your breast friend.)

Brooklyn Decker

Decker skipped the Golden Globes last year, but joked that her son was enjoying some “golden globes” of his own. #momjokes

Liv Tyler

She really must be an Elf Maiden—cue the Lord of the (nipple) Rings joke—to look that radiant after weeks of sleep-deprived nights.

Gwen Stefani

The show must go on. Stefani nursed in-between tour stops (whilst enjoying a view of the Swiss Alps, no less).

Alyssa Milano

We can always count on Milano, perhaps the biggest celebrity advocate for breastfeeding, to keep it refreshingly real on the ’gram.


A precious moment between baby Willow and mommy Pink (who apparently had to remove her nipple rings before breastfeeding because “it was like a sprinkler.”)

Gisele Bundchen

Supermodel mom Bundchen shows off her multitasking skills in this gorgeous breastfeeding selfie. Honestly, getting our hair and nails done simultaneously is exhausting enough. Just keep living that glamorous dream, Gisele. We’ll be here vicariously living it through your Instagram.

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