The Genius Fashion Hack That Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs to Know

Maternity wear has come a long way. Thankfully, the oversized mumus and shapeless shifts of yesteryear are long gone, making way for chic styles that show off—not hide—your growing bump. So, of course, you invested in a few key pieces while pregnant, justifying the expense by saying that you’ll also be able to wear those dresses while nursing.

What you didn’t realize was that if you’re nursing, so many of those adorable dresses are no longer good options—many are too restrictive to get a breast out and attempting to get the baby underneath the dress means you have to get practically naked in order to do so. 

So what’s a new mom to do? Turn to this genius hack, courtesy of cookbook author and Instagram user Caroline Chambers, that’s what. Enter: the bike shorts trick.

All you have to do is get yourself a pair of bike shorts to go underneath your dress and then voila! You can lift your frock up to nurse your baby without flashing everyone in the park/restaurant/beach.

Genius, right?

I recently tried this trick myself and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was a total game-changer, allowing me to basically double my clothing options. If you too want to get more bang for your maternity wear buck, then check out these three bike short picks below:

everlane biker short

1. Everlane Perform Bike Short

Featuring plenty of stretch and elasticity, this pair of bike shorts features an extra-high-waist so you can really pull that dress up without no shame. Another cool feature? The interior front pocket that can hold small items like your keys and credit card.

Size range: XXS to XXL

wolven threads biker shorts

2. Wolven Midi Bike Short

Not only do these bike shorts feature a flattering ruching detail, but they’re also certified carbon-neutral and made from recycled bottles. Oh, and did we mention that they come in seven different colors?

Size range: XS to XXL


3. Revolve Faux Leather Bike Shorts

Speaking of stylish moms, these faux leather shorts are so trendy that you’ll definitely get good use out of them, with or without your maternity wear on top. We also love that they’re high-waist and extra comfy.

img 0936

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