The 10 Best Toddler Tables and Chairs

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One thing every toddler parent has in common is the wish that their child would just sit and chill for a second. We can’t promise you that will ever happen, but we can provide some furniture recommendations that might make even the wildest child feel pretty comfortable kicking back with a board book or art project for a few. (OK, five minutes with a handful of grapes is fine, too.) So, with that in mind, here’s our roundup of the best toddler table and chairs on the market. Enjoy.

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best toddler tables and chairs costzon

1. Costzon 5-piece Mid-century Modern Table And Chair Set

Most Stylish

Here, a surprisingly attractive toddler table and chair set that can be set up in any room of your house without shame—and since it’s a five-piece set, that also means you can break it up anyway you wish (i.e., your kid can have a place to sit in every room and it won’t even mess with your interior design.) Don’t worry, though—this set has more to offer than just its good looks. For starters, the round table is a very safe choice for the table-height toddler crowd, and the chairs feature non-slip pads, so little kids can figure out how to get in and out of their seats without harming themselves (or your wood floors). The higher profile of this set means it will last for years, and although your child might not be able to sit still for very long at the moment, the ergonomic design of the armless chairs will be appreciated nonetheless—namely, because they’ll get a lot of use when it’s time to play, eat, craft and more.

best toddler tables and chairs tender leaf

2. Tender Leaf Forest Table And Chairs

Cutest Playroom Pick

When it comes to sharp corners, your kid is like a moth to flame...and that can be a big problem in a playroom. Good news: This beautifully crafted plywood table—made from premium, non-toxic materials—features rounded edges to ensure that playtime doesn’t end in tears. It’s also worth noting that the table has a chalkboard piece in the center that can be removed to reveal a handy storage area. (You know, because all those snapped crayons have been longing for a place to call home.) Plus, the whole kit and kaboodle includes bear and bunny chairs for a gender-neutral forest critter theme that’s downright adorable. By all accounts, this set is also very well-constructed and quite sturdy—though we should mention that the chairs have a 66 pounds weight limit (so mama might need another place to sit). The takeaway? If you’re looking for a place for your tot to play, this is a practical choice that just so happens to look picture perfect in pretty much any playroom.

best toddler tables and chairs costzon wood

3. Costzon 3-in-1 Kids Wood Table And Chair Set

Best for Storage

Another winner from Costzon, this chair set has an attractive minimalist aesthetic but doesn’t require as big a commitment in terms of cost and space as the five-piece mid-century number mentioned above. The low-profile design is also particularly well-suited for smaller living spaces and, well, smaller people. Indeed, tots will be able to get themselves in and out of the chairs with ease and enjoy complete comfort whilst seated in them—thanks to the ergonomic backrest, middle footrest and low chair height (so little legs can reach the ground). As for the table, it boasts a reversible top that can be used as a whiteboard or blackboard with storage underneath for craft supplies and the like. Oh, and did we mention both the chairs have built-in toy storage bins, too? In other words, you’re one step closer to having your decluttering dreams come true.

best toddler chairs and table delta

4. Delta Mysize Kids Convertible Activity Bench

Best Budget Option

A budget-friendly buy makes a lot of sense when it comes to items your kid will quickly outgrow (i.e., everything), so the price tag here is a pretty strong selling point in our book. That said, you don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to a piece of furniture your toddler will likely be playing on (and climbing all over) for at least the next couple of years. Have your cake and eat it, too, with this bargain buy—a convertible bench that boasts a sturdy construction, multi-functional design and two fabric storage bins to boot. Happy customers report that this convertible storage bench is easy to assemble and hard to destroy. This single-unit wonder is also an excellent choice when you don’t have floor space to lose, since the back of the (unobtrusive) bench flips into an activity table in the blink of an eye and can be made to disappear just as quickly. Basically, it’s the Houdini of toddler tables.

best toddler table and chairs betnwood

5. Ecr4kids Natural Bentwood Multipurpose Kids Table And Chair Set

Best Multi-Purpose

In our book, any piece of furniture that performs at both snack time and craft time is a shoo-in—but this ingenious set from ECR4Kids really takes the cake when it comes to versatility. The smooth, rounded (i.e., childproof) bentwood chairs and table in this set offer up a bevy of possibilities. The chairs, which can be inverted to adjust the height as your child grows, fit neatly underneath the table to save space. Also, said chairs can be used as bedside tables, step stools or even bookshelves—and they’ll still look stylish. Similar magic is at work with the table—it can be used as a bench, a desk or a dinner table (and probably a lot of other things, but you’ll have to tap into your Montessori spirit and find out for yourself). Bottom line: This table and chair set is as multi-purpose as they come, so you’ll likely be able to make use of it for many years to come...and you don’t have to assemble it yourself.

best toddler table and chairs stakmore
Buy Buy Baby

6. Stakmore Juvenile 3-piece Folding Table And Chair Set

Best Space-Saver

If you want to have a table where your tot can sit to eat or play, but you don’t necessarily want it to be a permanent fixture in your home, this folding set from Stakmore will be right up your alley. There are plenty of folding chair and table sets for kiddos on the market, but this one is our top pick because it boasts a sturdy wood and steel construction that can take a toddler beating and comfortably accommodate an older child, too. (Note: The solid craftsmanship also means your clumsy toddler won’t go ‘off stool’ so easily—you know, like when they’re overdue for a nap.) Plus, the neutral wood design is decidedly inoffensive, so you might even choose not to fold it flat for storage in between activities. The point is that you have options.

best toddler table and chairs kidkraft
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7. Kidkraft Ultimate Creation Station

Best for Arts and Crafts

Your budding artist will make many a masterpiece at this craft table—and plenty of messes, but it’s all cool ‘cause this tabletop is stain-resistant, easy to clean and comes complete with a boatload of storage features. For starters, there’s a (collapsible) rotating tower at the center of the table that keeps paint cups and other art supplies secure, yet easily accessible to little kids. (Hint: This feature also allows you to be your best, most organized self—preserving sanity throughout your toddler’s creative journey.) The aforementioned rotating tower is extremely handy during the crafting process, but parents will also appreciate the under-table storage available—namely because it makes clean-up a breeze.

best toddler table and chairs humble crew1

8. Humble Crew Playtime Kids Plastic Table And Chair Set

Easiest to Clean

The kid-appeal of this brightly-colored table and chair set is undeniable—and if we’re being honest, it makes us feel pretty happy, too. Aside from aesthetics, this pick stands out because of how easy it is to clean. The glossy plastic construction here cannot be tarnished by paint or any other materials that strike fear in the heart of toddler parents—just wipe this puppy clean with a wet cloth (or even a baby wipe) and it will look good as new. Parents also report that this set is durable enough for older kids to use, and assembly is a cinch.

best toddler tables and chairs costzon kids plastic

9. Costzon Kids Plastic Adirondack Table And Chair Set

Best for Outdoors

Let’s be honest, every toddler parent dreams of kicking back on the front porch or backyard on a sunny day...and these Adirondack chairs have your back. Perfectly sized for tiny people and oh-so cute, this table and chair set boasts a plastic construction durable enough to weather the outdoors and charming enough to function as playroom furniture, too. Best of all, the pieces in this set strike the ideal balance between being lightweight enough for a toddler to drag around, but sturdy enough not to tip over when a tiny person takes their seat. Bonus: The whole set is easy to assemble, and the two chairs are stackable—so as an outdoor option, this one won’t take up too much space in the off-season.

best toddler tables and chairs humble crew

10. Humble Crew Plastic 2-in-1 Lego Compatible Activity Table

Best for Lego Lovers

If you’ve got a Lego enthusiast under your roof, this table and chair set from Humble Crew is a clear choice. The table features a flat top that can be removed to reveal a Lego compatible building surface with extra space for block storage to boot, and the chairs are just the right size to comfortably accommodate kids ages 2 to 8. The takeaway? Gone are the days of cleaning up—or worse, stepping on—itty bitty Legos left on the floor, and your child will be equally grateful to have a colorful and practical place to play with their toy of choice (and the option to do other activities there, too).

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