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The two most beloved words to young kids: snow day. While that usually means no school, hours of snowball fights, snowman building and fort constructing, it can also lead to cold, wet feet—especially if they’re not wearing the right boots. We’ve all seen our fair share of meltdowns, and since we can no longer play the “Santa’s watching” card, a trustworthy pair of boots are a necessity. This year, we asked our mom circles for their favorite kids’ snow boots (that actually get onto feet and out the door). Here are the seven most recommended pairs.

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1. Bogs Baby Bogs Waterproof Insulated Boots

“Bogs are hands down my (and my kids’) favorite. They’re super lightweight and flexible, so they’re easy to run, jump and move in. Plus, they come in so many fun colors and patterns for the kids to pick from.” —Catesby C.


$55 at Amazon


2. Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boots

“Sorel snow boots are really hearty and easy for kids to put on and take off themselves. I also love that this pair has a big Velcro closure, which makes it so much easier for my daughter to deal with (sans meltdown).” —Jillian Q.


Buy It ($50)


3. Native Kids Shoes Jimmy 3.0 Treklite

“I love that Native Shoes has partnered with Zappos for Good to collect old, worn-out Natives and recycle them into playground materials. We won’t feel guilty about growing out of these boots, since they’re going to a great cause. And my kids? They love the fuzzy shearling liner and the easy-to-tie bungee laces—no loop, swoop and pull required.” —Nicole S.

(Little Kid) 

Buy It ($70)


4. Tundra Teddy 4 Boot

“I love that these boots are light and warm. My daughter isn’t clomping around because her boots are too heavy, and the soles aren’t slippery when they’re wet like some other boots we’ve tried.” —Dabee K.

(Toddler/Little Kid) 

$45 at Amazon


5. Kamik Kids’ Snowbug3 Snow Boot

“I’ve bought these every year for both kids until they outgrew them. They’re durable and warm, and they have great tread for walking (or, let’s be serious, running) in snow, slush and ice. Most important, my kid with very poor fine-motor skills and zero attention span has been able to put them on and take them off himself since he was a toddler.”  —Jaime Lynn Q.


$43 at Amazon



“We haven’t actually had any snow to wear these Keen boots in, but they’re super sturdy and totally waterproof, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to be awesome. Oh, and the liner is removable, so they are easier to clean and dry out. Michael loves them and asks to wear them every day... even though it’s 50 degrees here.” —Katharine S.

(Toddler/Little Kid)

Buy It ($46)


7. GUBARUN Snow Boots

“These boots look like my son’s favorite pair of sneakers, so he loves wearing them. They’re lined with faux shearling, so I know they’re warm, and the buckles never come undone in the snow, no matter how intense the fort building gets.” —Tammy B.

(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

From $10 at Amazon

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