14 Kids' Alarm Clocks to Get Them Up on Time (and Not a Minute Sooner)

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Sure, you know how important it is to get a decent night’s shut-eye, but sadly your kid hasn’t quite figured that out yet. Whether it’s multiple middle-of-the-night wake-ups or early starts, getting children to fall asleep and stay that way can feel like an ongoing battle. Enter these nifty kids alarm clocks that will teach your mini when to go to bed and (most importantly) when to wake up mom and dad.

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1. Hatch Baby Rest

This triple threat is a night-light, sound machine and time-to-rise clock in one. Meaning you can use it from the moment you bring your baby home from the hospital (they’ll love the white noise that reminds them of the womb) until toddlerhood (“Only come to get mommy when the color turns green, OK?”). Even cooler? You control the color, sound and volume from your phone via the app. 

2. Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock

Make learning how to tell time fun with this multipurpose clock that features an interactive talking time-teaching game with five adjustable skill levels. The programmable “OK to Wake!” night-light turns soft yellow in the evening and green in the morning, helping your kid understand when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to get up. Includes three interchangeable rings: yellow, blue and pink.

3. Gro Clock Sleep Trainer

Teach little ones when it’s time to greet the day with this easy-to-understand clock that uses images of the sun and stars for awake or sleepy time. Extra cute feature? The stars appear at bedtime and then go out one by one overnight until morning. Program the clock for weekdays and weekends, as well as naptime. Includes a bedtime storybook explaining why to use the clock.

zazu kids alarm clock penguin trainer

4. Pam The Penguin

Looking for a kids’ alarm clock that will look super cute sitting on their nightstand? Enter Pam the Penguin. This clock, night-light and Bluetooth speaker turns red half an hour before wake-up time and green when it’s time to actually get up. Available in blue, gray or pink, our favorite feature has to be the ability to play soothing songs from a curated playlist. 

$50 at Amazon

5. Mella All-in-one Clock

Well, this is adorable. Half an hour before wake-up time, the clock glows yellow and when it’s time to get up, the digital face smiles widely and glows green. And for nighttime, the happy face closes its eyes. It also boasts a digital clock display, night-light, built-in sound machine and nap timer. Available in arctic blue, blush pink, bright purple and tropical teal.

6. Skip Hop Dream & Shine Toddler Alarm Clock

This happy cloud comes with four different modes designed to help teach your kid about time (and you know, when to let mom sleep a little longer). Sleep trainer mode lights up the cloud with easy-to-follow color cues (red means time for bed, green means it’s OK to get up) while soother mode plays calming sounds to get little ones in the mood for sleep. Unwind with light-up mode, featuring 20 minutes of warm glow, and rise and shine with the alarm clock, which wakes up your toddler with a song and lights.

7. Clocky Alarm Clock

Got a kid who just can’t get out of bed? You need this high-energy alarm clock. Clocky will jump off your sleepyhead’s nightstand (up to three feet in height) and run away until your child gets out of bed to turn it off. It also features an extra-loud alarm that’s practically impossible to ignore. Three cheers for getting to school on time.

8. Bunny Kids Alarm Clock

Want to use sounds and colors to teach your kid about bedtime but don’t like the idea of harsh lights and loud noises? This ridiculously cute rabbit clock is just the thing. Using soft, colorful lights and gentle music, it also features a digital thermometer and is soft to touch. 

9. Lego Kids Alarm Clock

Everything is awesome when it comes to this Emmet clock from the hit Lego Movie. Featuring a digital light-up display with alarm and snooze functions, this figurine clock is a great option for kids who know how to tell time. And the best part? The movable arms. Also available in Wyldstyle because #girlpower.

10. Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock For Kids

This pup’s ball glows red at night and turns green at the alarm time plus has a hidden compartment so your little sleep thief can’t change the settings. It also features two alarms (one for weekdays and one for weekends). 

11. Mirari Ok To Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-light

“Green means go!” with this simple yet effective kids' alarm clock that also includes a nap timer and snooze feature. It comes with two, interchangeable faceplates (pink flower and green bug) and fun animations activated by touching the little guy’s toes.

12. Robot Kids Alarm Clock

Kids will love this robotic clock that comes in red, white or yellow. And you’ll love that there are no annoying ticking noises that might wake them from their slumber. Includes a one-year warranty. 

13. Wamgra Night Light And Alarm Clock

For older kids, you can’t beat this alarm clock, night-light, Bluetooth speaker and hands-free phone all in one. It’s also highly customizable with 48 color options to choose from and multiple alarm sounds. 

14. Tock The Learning Clock

Start the day with a dance party with this interactive clock that teaches kids how to tell time by rewarding right answers with a dance. There’s also a question mode feature that challenges kids to match the hands to the digital display. And who says that learning isn’t fun?

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