The 7 Best Bassinets for Newborn Babies, According to Real Moms

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Your baby registry is really shaping up. Changing table? Check. Baby monitor? Check. Tons of adorable onesies? Check. But do you really need a bassinet for your newborn baby? Well, no, not technically. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that newborns sleep in the same room as their parents, but in a separate sleeping space, until at least six months old (and ideally a year old) to prevent SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths. So if your bedroom has no space for a crib, a bassinet can be a worthy (and life-saving) investment. Plus, we don’t know about you, but the idea of getting up and walking all the way across the bedroom to pick up a screaming baby at 4 a.m. isn’t exactly our idea of fun.

Shelling out hundreds of dollars for an item you’ve never even tried feels overwhelming, to say the least. That’s why we polled dozens of parents, from first-timers to veteran moms of multiples, for their recommendations. Here, the seven best bassinets for every need.

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Most Versatile: Guava Lotus Bassinet And Crib Bundle

One of the moms’ biggest complaints about bassinets in general? The baby can only use them for a few months, tops, and then they need to be put in storage or given away. The Guava Lotus, on the other hand, transforms from a chic bassinet into a travel crib that can be safely used until age 3. “It’s lightweight and totally portable, thanks to the backpack-like bag it comes in,” Alexia D. told us. “We brought it with us on two international trips without any issues.” More reasons to love this versatile bassinet: “It has the ability to rock (so necessary), and it’s made with white mesh, which was great for this first-time-mom whose baby liked to wriggle all the way to the sides and smush his face up against it while sleeping.”

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Splurge Pick: Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

If you’re expecting, we probably don’t have to tell you about the SNOO. It’s sleek, high-tech and ungodly expensive. But is it worth it? “We started using the SNOO after about a month,” said Emily H. “I didn't think we needed it because he was already a good sleeper, but it was so great to have it rock him automatically if he started to cry. I'd get it again in a heartbeat!” Featuring a built-in sleep sack that offers a secure, swaddle-like hold, SNOO also keeps babies on their backs—a major safety breakthrough—all night. It connects to an app where you can adjust settings for more or less movement and white noise or make the bed more or less sensitive to fussing. It also has a “wean” setting that purports to help you transfer your baby to an old-school crib, usually at around six months. (And if you’re still balking at the price tag, you can also choose to rent it for a cool $118 a month.)

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Traditional Pick: Delta Marina Smooth Glide Bassinet

If you’re rolling your eyes at the high-tech SNOO and just want a basic, cozy bassinet for your newborn to snuggle up in, check out the Delta Smooth Glide. “We adore this bassinet,” says Ashley T., who used this model with her two kids. “It’s lightweight and on wheels, so the baby can be rolled around everywhere. Specifically, we rolled it to whichever side of the bed’s ‘turn’ it was for waking up with the baby. And when guests came over, we rolled it into the living room so the baby could nap in there or be rocked when he wasn’t being held.” Another bonus? There’s an under-storage shelf that’s great for stocking burp cloths, diapers and swaddle blankets.

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Most Popular: Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

Out of all of the moms we polled, more tried (and loved) this durable bassinet than any of the others on the list. “I used it for both of my kids and my sister-in-law borrowed it in between for her baby,” Jamia P. told us. “I love that you can adjust it to your exact bed height and that the side lowers. I’m all about anything that makes middle of the night feedings easier.” Several moms also raved about how minimalist and chic the bassinet looked in their bedrooms. Another bonus? Because it’s on a swiveling arm, it easily glides back and forth. “I could swivel it close to and far away from my bed, depending on how close I wanted to be to my baby—or if I needed to get out of bed without waking her up,” said Jillian Q., mom of two. (One potential drawback? Because it's such a specific shape, you can only use the sheets that come with it.)

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Best For Travel: Uppababy Bassinet

Guess what? If you’re planning on getting an Uppababy Vista or Cruz stroller, it comes with a bassinet that can be removed and used inside the house with a bassinet stand. Many of the moms we polled (including me) opted to use this instead of a traditional bassinet. “We liked that it could be on the stand in our bedroom, on the floor in our living room, plop it onto the stroller and then travel with it easily,” said mom of two (with a third on the way), Asher P. And because the bassinet is oval shaped with lightly padded sides, it feels more womb-like than many of the other bassinets on this list. One thing to consider, if you don’t opt for the stand: “It’s definitely a bit gross to bring a stroller into your bedroom,” Catesby C. admits. “But it’s a lifesaver when they’re fussing to lean out of bed and roll them back and forth.”

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Best Co-sleeper: Arm’s Reach Clear Vue Co-sleeper

OK, our moms were the first to admit that this isn’t the most eye-catching bassinet in the universe, but there’s a reason it has rave reviews online. “It was amazing,” first-time mom Jessica P. raved. “If you’re breastfeeding, the bassinet is relatively in line with the bed so you don’t have to get in and out of bed to pick up and put down the baby. I always recommend it, even though it looks God awful.” And if you’re looking to save space in your bedroom, moms Karen M. and Cassie D. loved this bassinet’s mini version too.

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Most Cost-effective: Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard

Whether you need to keep your baby busy while you take a shower or you’re carting it to Grandma’s house, most moms agree that a Pack ‘n Play is a fantastic (and budget-friendly) investment for your growing kiddo. And for moms with tall kids, the switch to the crib happened quickly, so it was great that the Pack ‘n Play had multiple uses. “My kids were both tall and rolling, so I couldn’t keep them in the bassinet for long,” Chrissi G. told us. Some moms used the basic model, which comes with a safe area for newborns to sleep, while others opted for the bassinet attachment that comes with some of the expanded sets. Either way, you can’t argue with the price.

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