‘Yellowjackets’ Cast Spills Exclusive Deets After Explosive Second Episode: 'You're Going to Be Shocked'

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

If you thought last week’s episode of Yellowjackets was shocking, get ready for even more dark twists and crazy turns. But we should also prepare ourselves for a little bit of comedy, according to the cast of Yellowjackets who spoke exclusively with PureWow at the annual PaleyFest L.A. this week.

The Emmy-winning Melanie Lynskey, who plays Shauna, spoke to PureWow on the event’s red carpet and said it’s not all horror, it’s also funny. “I think the show is so fun and crazy. There's nothing else like it. And some people are scared of things like what happened at the end of last episode. There's not too much of that, it’s not gratuitous. It's not like a gory, creepy horror show. It's like a psychological drama. It’s also very funny. I just think it has something for everybody.”

The mystery/coming of age/survivalist/supernatural drama about a teenage soccer team who survives 19 months in the Canadian wilderness after their plane crashes has captivated fans and critics, earned them accolades and it looks like we’re in for more.

This week’s event came right after that shocking second episode and it was all everyone was talking about. Samantha Hanratty, who plays Teen Misty, jumped right in and told PureWow that episode two really opened the floodgates. “I think episode two was a big one. Honestly, like it was like I knew that we were going to eat Jackie but for it to be like right off the gate it was like, there it is! It was just like, Okay, this is what we're starting with, which I feel like is so great. I really was hoping that it didn't end with that. And so to start the season off with that, I think is really just showing where we're going with this. How crazy things are gonna get.”

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Kevin Alves (Teen Travis) had similar thoughts. What shocked him the most about the sophomore season? “Yeah, how early we decided to do the cannibalism in season two. And it was kind of exciting at the same time. It was shocking, but you're like, yes, we're getting to it. And it was in the most weird way ever that it kind of made it very scary and fun all at the same time because you're like, how are we going to do this, these two different scenes connected together?”

So how do the actors deal with the darker subject matter in the show? It seems everyone has their own method. 

Lynskey’s family grounds her. “I mean, honestly I come home to a little four-year-old who just needs her mama and you just get rid of it. At the end of the day, you can’t be sitting around. Sometimes, you know, I’ll go to bed and have a little bit of a cry or cry in the shower,” she said with a laugh. “Because it can be a bit dark but it's a good thing to be able to just switch off when you get home.”

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Alves said he needs to end his nights after shooting the show by watching a 30-minute sitcom. “Any kind. It can be anything but it needs to not be as dark as our show.” He also added, “We had a whole group of people that would go to my trailer and watch Love Is Blind on our lunches. And that's what we did. We’d go through the whole season together. So we have a group chat called Love is Blind.”

Liv Hewson, who plays Teen Van, said, “I love that the show is very funny. In and amongst how dark and gritty it is. It's one of my favorite things about it. And then for us as actors—like truly in between takes of the most heinous, unbelievable work we’ve had to do—we will just immediately drop into trying to make each other laugh. Cause you have to. It keeps everybody sane and it keeps everybody in it.”

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Hanratty deals with the heaviness with jokes but is also concerned about the crew as well as the actors. “You laugh. All you can do is laugh, you know? Through the drama. You know, it depends on what we're filming. There are some days when it's really heavy. And of course, I'm somebody who always wants to check in not just on cast, but crew as well. They're there. They have to be there. Like you know what I mean? They can't just be like, ‘Oh, I want to get out of here,’ you know? So it really is just a making sure everybody's got a safe space to go to. I'm a major empath so I just want to make sure everybody's cool and everybody's okay. And then when I know everybody's okay, then I can make more jokes!”

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As for what’s coming up? 

Simone Kessell (Lottie) told PureWow, “Oh, you're going to be shocked because I'm still shocked. And we finished filming a month ago and I still think back to filming the last episode, and I'm still a little bit like in shock. It's a lot. And the show is so clever the way it coasts in and then it'll punch you in the face, and then it will make love to you and then punch you in the face again.”

Hanratty added, “I think what's nice about this season is you know we started off on a light note, things were as funny and comedic as it probably will ever get. And then we just kind of dove right into the darkness. And then I think next episode there's a mixture of both and then it's just gonna get worse and then it'll be a little light and you know it fluctuates this season. So what to expect is really just yeah, like they already dipped their toe into the pot of never coming back from it kind of stuff. And so yeah, now it's just what are they going to do next.”

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Alves told us, “From season two I think we can get ready for a lot of people not agreeing with each other anymore. Because when something like episode two happens, the next day you wake up it's like a hangover. You don't realize what you've done. And there's gonna be people who feel very bad for that and people who don't feel so bad for that and it'll be really interesting to see everyone butt heads now.”

No one is spilling the beans yet on season three which has already been announced. Alves said, “We really don't know what's going on with season three yet. I can assume pandemonium.”

Lynskey quipped, “I don’t know anything. I hope I’m in it!”

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