The Weirdest (and Possibly Most Useless) College Degrees

You guys. You can actually be a roller-coaster tycoon

When we were in college, the options were pretty limited where potential majors were concerned. Business, biology, journalism--maybe even art if you wanted to get really avant-garde. That is decidedly not the case today, when students have the option to major in such subjects as puppetry and bagpiping. Here, 15 of the most bizarre college degrees you can actually earn.

degrees puppetry
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Puppetry: University Of Connecticut

Nope, not creepy at all.

degrees meat

Meat Processing: Eastern Oklahoma State College

Bet they throw the best barbecues.

degrees rollercoaster

Theme Park Engineering: Cal State Long Beach

So, like Roller-Coaster Tycoon IRL.

degrees adventure

Adventure Education: Plymouth State University

Vague, but we’re intrigued.

degrees bagpipe

Bagpiping: Carnegie Mellon University

Our eeeeeeears!

degrees bakery

Bakery Science: Kansas State University

Know this person. Be this person’s friend.

degrees beer

Fermentation Sciences: Appalachian State University


degrees horses

Farrier Science: Mesalands Community College

A farrier is a person who makes horseshoes. Tell Seabiscuit “hi” for us.

degrees flowers

Floral Management: Mississippi State University

Are floral students just the happiest students?

degrees nanny

Nannying: Sullivan University

Could either be the best or the worst.

degrees culture

Popular Culture: Bowling Green State University


degrees citrus

Citrus: Florida Southern College

*Makes Beyoncé Lemonade joke*

degrees pot

Cannabis Cultivation: Oaksterdam University

Dude. Yes.

degrees bowling

Bowling Industry Management And Technology: Vincennes University

Do the exams come with optional bumpers?

Decision-making: Indiana University

Hmmm, we’re on the fence with this one…

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