Are You Making People Uncomfortable Without Realizing It?

18 awkward things we've all been guilty of

You’re a hip lady. You know how to use Snapchat. You understand the latest teen speak. You even know how to rock a choker like a grown-ass woman. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve accidentally made those around you feel super-uncomfortable without even realizing it. (Hey, it happens to the best of us.) Here, 18 ways you’re making things a tad bit awkward for everyone in the room.

1. When you fidget way too much. Your knee-bouncing is shaking the table.

2. When you and your significant other are all about that PDA. We hate to use a cliché, but ummm, get a room.

3. When you answer a call mid-conversation. And then you even do the finger to silence the other person while mouthing “one sec.” SMH

4. When you take a selfie while eating a meal. Is everyone at the table supposed to get in, too?

5. When you bring up your brother’s girlfriend’s recent religious conversion. And at the dinner table, no less.

6. When you are totally unaware how loud you’re talking. Now the whole office knows what kind of bran your Aunt Marge eats for breakfast.

7. When you laugh uncontrollably into your phone. Your sister’s latest blind date story was absolutely hilarious.

8. When you down that marg like a fish while everyone else is sipping on Merlot. Look, you had a day.

9. When you ask somebody what their name is…for the third time. C’mon--try to play it off, pal.

10. Or on the flip side, when you repeat someone’s name in conversation way too many times, Jennifer. Yes, Jennifer. How interesting, Jennifer.

11. When you smack your gum or chew your food with your mouth open. Have you no manners?!

12. When your friend tells you “not to look behind you but…” and you just have to. Now you’re making weird eye contact with your ex’s new girlfriend.

13. When you show those inappropriate pictures of your BFF’s bachelorette party during her wedding…to her mother-in-law. “And then we did body shots off of Kim!”

14. When you pick up any guitar you see and start playing the only song you know. You sound great, but we can listen to “Wonderwall” only so many times.

15. When you comment on what people order. Mushrooms are gross, but cool thing is, you don’t have to order them.


16. When you’re passive aggressive instead of just confronting the issue. Please tell us you’ve never broken up with someone on a Post-it note.

17. When you over-share the grisly details of your recent bout of stomach flu to your coworkers. That bathroom will never be the same again…but keep it to yourself.

18. When you say “goodbye” to your coworker and then walk in the same direction. Whelp, this is awkward.


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