New ‘Virgin River’ Theory Hints that Mike Isn’t Who We Think He Is

virgin river mike theory

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

We lost trust in several characters after watching Virgin River season three. Although we’ve already voiced our suspicions about Brie (Zibby Allen), there’s still one person to watch: Mike (Marco Grazzini).

Yes, the character works in law enforcement and has helped with the investigation to find the person who shot Jack (Martin Henderson). But after stumbling upon this mind-blowing theory, we’re starting to wonder if the writers are misleading us to believe that Mike is a “good cop” when he’s the exact opposite.

For example, is it possible that Mike knows more than he’s letting on about the shooting? If so, did he frame Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) in an attempt to lead the investigation in the wrong direction?

We’re not saying that Mike shot Jack because, realistically, it isn’t possible. (The character is shown in the police department just moments before Jack is confronted in the bar.) However, who’s to say that Mike isn’t covering up for someone he knows?

If Mike’s desperate enough to frame an innocent man (AKA Brady), perhaps he’s brave enough to plant evidence. Because after everything Brady has been through, we highly doubt he’d be careless enough to leave the “missing” gun in his car.

We’re not the only ones who are starting to question Mike’s intentions in Virgin River. As Looper points out, several fans are debating the character on the show’s official Instagram page. One comment read, “I don’t think Brady shot jack. I think Jacks ‘friend’ that is the cop shot Jack.” Another adds, “[Mike] hates Brady for a while and now even more since he is with Brie.”

It’s official: We’re onto you, Mike.

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