Bachelor Nation's Tyler Cameron on the One Thing He Wishes Dates Would Stop Doing

Tyler Cameron wants us to know his dating perspective isn’t media trained.“I’m mama trained!” the TV personality, Bachelor Nation star and dating expert exclaims. “When I was a kid in 6th grade and I was taking a girl out to the movies, my mom would always give me money for myself and for the girl. She taught me how to treat a girl,” Cameron reminisces. Tyler Cameron’s claim to fame may be from his stake in Season 15 of ABC’s reality TV series The Bachelorette or romantic headlines with Gigi Hadid and Paige Lorenze–but now, he’s about to be recognized as the nation's favorite dating connoisseur, IRL.

In light of cuffing season, Cameron partnered with Eventbrite, the go-to marketplace for local and unique events, on GTFO and Date: a curated list of highly original, low-pressure date ideas selected by Cameron in major cities from NYC to DC, and beyond. After all, the seasoned bachelor (pun intended) has seen it all when it comes to date night, and has a repertoire of tips for those of us still looking to meet our match. PureWow had a *Zoom date* with Cameron to chat about everything from green flags t0 splitting the check and the one thing he wishes his dates would stop doing–find out what he had to say, below.

PureWow: How would you plan your ideal first date?

Tyler Cameron: Honestly, the pressure of where to go on a date is the most stressful part. That’s actually why I partnered with Eventbrite–they’re brilliant in showcasing activities outside the typical “dinner and drinks” that so many of us get caught up in. A few things I’m excited about on the list we curated are a trivia night and a ‘90s party where you can have fun, dance and see if the other person leans into the event. 

PW: Rumor has it…when you were dating Gigi Hadid you had $200 in your bank account, and the thought of it is stressful–especially when the social norm is for the man to pick up the tab. What do you think about that?

TC: I always take care of the check, it doesn’t suck for us guys. Women put in a lot of effort getting ready for a date, it’s the least we can do.

PW: We can imagine you might have been nervous to go on a date with Gigi. Do you ever get nervous before dates?

TC: I only get nervous if I really like the person, you know? The way I see it, you only feel nervous if it’s something you care about, like planning the date. I’ve got the cheat sheet right here–that definitely helps with the nerves!

PW: What is your #1 green flag a girl can do on a first date? Basically if she does this, you’re texting the group chat,“wifey material.”

TC: Being polite is non-negotiable. It’s such a green flag when a girl is nice to everyone, is respectful to servers at restaurants, that kind of thing. Beyond that, I would say someone that leans into things–if I’m going to take someone to an activity like trivia night, I want to know that they’re open minded and don’t care what people think. I like someone who can have fun in different types of situations.

PW: If we have a green flag, we have to have a red flag. What is one thing you would tell your dates to stop doing?

TC: Put their phone away! I hate when people have their phone out and are texting or scrolling on social media during a date. I like to unplug. Once work is done, I want to be off my phone and connect with the person I’m with. 

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