12 Tori Spelling Movies and TV Shows You May (or May Not) Want to Add to Your Queue

Tori Spelling, aka Donna Martin, is easily one of the most recognized names in Hollywood. Not only has she starred in the iconic series, Beverly Hills, 90210, but she's also appeared in a string of feel-good TV movies and binge-worthy shows, from Saved by the Bell to Smallville. Sure, critics may have mixed views about her work, but the fact that she can go from playing a doe-eyed student to a murderous reporter has to count for something, right? See below for 12 of the best Tori Spelling movies and TV shows (or worst, depending on your POV) you can stream right now, from rom-coms to psychological thrillers.

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1. ‘death Of A Cheerleader’ (1994)

Based on the real-life murder of high school student Kirsten Costas in 1984, the thriller film follows Angela (Kellie Martin), a shy student who aspires to be like Stacy (Spelling), one of the most popular girls in school. But despite her best efforts to befriend Stacy, Angela gets rejected multiple times, sending her into a jealous rage.

2. ‘the House Of Yes’ (1997)

In one of the most unsettling movies you'll probably ever see, a mentally unstable young woman named Jackie-O (Parker Posey) is consumed with jealously when brother, Marty (Josh Hamilton), comes home with a new fiancée (Spelling). As a result, she conspires to split them up by any means necessary, even it means seducing her brother.

3. ‘beverly Hills, 90210’

Revisit the upscale community of Beverly Hills, California in this popular teen drama, where a group of friends navigates the ups and downs of high school, college and the adult world. Seeing Donna Martin evolve into a more confident and outspoken character is definitely a major highlight in this series.

4. ‘bh90210’

Of course, we couldn't mention the classic show and not include this reboot. The six-episode remake follows the original cast members of the show as they reunite and attempt to do a successful revival of the series. Spelling, Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris and Brian Austin Green all return—and seeing them portray themselves is pretty fascinating.

5. ‘the Mistle-tones’ (2012)

Holly (Tia Mowry-Hardrict), a talented singer, is confident that she'll land a spot in her late mother's singing group, the Snow Belles. But when she's passed over by the leader (Spelling) for someone else, she decides to start her own Christmas group, The Mistle-Tones. Naturally, what results is a bitter rivalry and a sing-off on Christmas Eve, but Holly soon learns that this isn't what Christmas is all about. *Adds to holiday watch list*

6. ‘a Carol Christmas’ (2003)

Based on Charles Dickens's classic novella, A Christmas Carol, this Hallmark movie follows Carol Cartman (Spelling), a self-centered and cynical talk show host who's determined to destroy everyone's holiday spirit. But when she gets a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, she undergoes quite the transformation.

7. ‘mystery Girls’

Spelling and Jennie Garth are extremely charming as Holly Hamilton and Charlie Contour, two former detective TV show stars who reunite to solve real-life mysteries. If you need a lighthearted guilty-pleasure show to binge with the family, then this will do the trick.

8. ‘mother May I Sleep With Danger?’ (2016)

In this modernized remake of the ‘90s film, Julie Lewisohn (Spelling) can't shake the feeling that something is wrong with her daughter’s new girlfriend, Pearl (Emily Meade). Sure enough, her suspicion proves to be right. Prepare for a whole lot of blood and vampires.

9. ‘true Tori’

In this Lifetime docuseries, Spelling forfeits the glitz and glamour to give fans a more intimate look at her personal life—especially her strained marriage to Dean McDermott. When it first aired in 2014, it followed the couple after McDermott left for rehab, then detailed how his alleged affair (which he later confirmed) affected their relationship. Heavy stuff.

10. ‘tori & Dean: Storibook Weddings’

Spelling and her husband are wedding planners in this fun reality series. Each week, the pair get to work with one lucky couple and help make their dream wedding a reality. It's quite entertaining and very wholesome, which makes it even harder to believe that it lasted for just one season.

11. ‘kiss The Bride’ (2007)

Think My Best Friend's Wedding, except in this case, the main character is convinced that his ex-boyfriend, Ryan (James O'Shea), is having an identity crisis by agreeing to marry a woman. Philipp Karner stars as Matt, who's stunned to learn that his former partner is engaged to Alex (Tori Spelling). When Ryan insists that his previous flings were a temporary phase, Matt can't bring himself to accept this.

12. ‘trick’ (1999)

Spelling stars as an aspiring actress in this '90s rom-com, which centers on a gay duo who desperately tries to get some time alone after meeting at a club. They wind up spending the entire night trying to find a place, but in the process, they develop a romantic bond.

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