23 Things You Only Understand If You're from Kentucky

Like pimento cheese. And Ashley Judd.

Hey y’all. If you were born and bred in Kentucky, you know it’s the greatest state in the South. (That’s right, we said South.) From our feisty women to our fast horses, here are 23 things you just don’t understand unless you’re from the Bluegrass State.

1. For starters, bluegrass is an actual grass. And it’s friggin’ beautiful.

2. Bourbon was delicious way before your suspendered East Coast boyfriend “discovered” it.

3. Mint juleps, however, are an acquired taste. (The pretty silver cup helps.)

4. And moonshine is best consumed when snuck, in a flask, into Churchill Downs.

Connor Cortese

5. Speaking of racetracks, Keeneland trumps Churchill any day. (Sorry, Churchill.)

6. And the Oaks trumps the Derby.

7. But Churchill is more than just the Derby, anyway. (There will be 13 races there on May 7, alone, people.)

8. "Y’all" is a legit word.

9. As is “y’all's.” (As in: "Y’all's Juleps are down by the pool.")

10. There’s no “Lewis” in Louisville. (It’s “Loo-uh-vul.”)

11. And Versailles is pronounced “Ver-sales.” Duh.

Debi Shawcross

12. We’ll take a melty Hot Brown for lunch.

13. With a side of kicky pimento cheese.

14. And OK, rolled oysters if you’re gonna twist our arm.

15. And an Ale-8-One to wash it all down. (Because: Ginger ale? Gross.)

16. J. Law is everything we expect from a “Southern belle.”

17. And Ashley Judd should probably run for governor.

18. Basketball matters. A lot.

19. It is totally acceptable to wear a UK or UL hoodie to any event, at any time of year.

20. Loretta Lynn is a national treasure.

21. Cornhole is a great American pastime.

22. No child is too small to wear seersucker.

23. And don’t you dare mess with our Derby hats.