21 Things Only Moms of Boys Understand

So. Many. Trains.

Boys are just different, your mom friends told you before your son was born. You’ll see, they said, and you didn’t know whether to be terrified or thrilled. Well, now that you’ve watched your beloved little hellion learn to walk, talk, play, express himself and interact with the world, you know what they mean. Raising boys, it turns out, is wonderful--if not exactly tidy. Here, 21 things you understand only if you've got a little man in the house.

1. There is no situation that can’t be improved with the introduction of a toy train.

2. Except God help you if that train has the wrong type of steam dome because your kid will definitely know and call you out on it.

3. That when he’s tiny, you learn to duck and cover. (Those little teepees? Useless!)

4. That when he’s bigger, mama’s mantra is “get your hands out of your pants.”

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5. That it’s always smart to look before you sit.

6. That you walk shoeless at your own peril.

7. Legos, Legos, everywhere!

8. That butt jokes are the funniest.

9. And fire engine sounds are way more interesting than, you know, actual conversations.

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10. That if you can’t throw it, build something with it or jump off of it, there’s no point in owning it.

11. That the most exciting time of year is undoubtedly construction season.

12. That one can never keep enough food in the house.

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13. That there’s one person in the world who always thinks you’re beautiful, even if you're wearing a bathrobe and shower cap. (Like seriously, Mommy, you look like a princess!)

14. And that raising a feminist little boy is as easy as being the empowered woman you were before you had him.

15. That there is nothing cuter than seersucker overalls.

16. That capes are the perfect accessory to any outfit.

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17. That your house always smells a little bit like pee. And when he’s older, sweat mixed with AXE body spray.

18. That “aggressive” isn’t necessarily a bad word--it just means he can’t stop, won’t stop, and moves faster than hot lava, all the time.

19. That you’re in better shape from trying to keep up.

20. That your baby boy kicked hard in utero.

21. And that he’s been hugging you harder pretty much ever since.

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