8 Things All Introverts Should Do Every Day

To stay sane and get some "me time"

Dear introverts: It’s a people-infused world out there and, sometimes you gotta find ways to skip the small talk, ditch the networking event and get a little restorative you time. Here, eight things to do to stay sane on the days that challenge you the most. 

Get Some Solo Exercise

For you, hell is a crowded Soul Cycle class where everyone's in competition. Keep your workouts to yourself and consider it restorative for both your mind and body. Just you and Beyoncé for miles and miles...


Fake A Meeting

The guest list: You. The agenda: Walking loops around the block. (Or closing your eyes and repeating your mantra.)

Send Your Calls To Voicemail

The pressure to be on call is constant. Give yourself permission not to answer every message the instant it comes in and we promise you’ll be better prepared to deal with the onslaught.

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Learn Something New

Pop out to a museum at lunch, read an article about lady truck drivers, listen to a podcast about the Greek economy. At the very least, it’ll give you something to talk about the next time you’re caught in an uncomfortable social situation.

Wear Sunglasses

Less eye contact, less talking. Who cares if you’re indoors?

Eat A Meal Or Have A Drink Alone

Just us, or is there a ton of social pressure to turn meals into a group affair? If your pals invite you lunch, but you’d rather just brown-bag it in the park, don’t feel shy about turning down the offer.

Wind Down With A Book Or Netflix

You know what helps you relax? House of Cards. You know what doesn’t? Arguing with your husband about whose turn it is to take the car in for inspection. Finish your day with some solo time, and save the chitchat for the a.m.

And Get Plenty Of Shut-eye

Your bed is your happy place. OK, fine, Fluffy is invited too.

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