28 Things All Sisters Totally Get

Angsty preteen years aside, it's pretty great

Whether you were the oldest, the youngest or somewhere in the middle, there are a number of universal truths accepted by all sisters. Here’s a look at our favorite 28.


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1. Your bathroom was always filled with hair, for which no one would take responsibility.

2. But you would totally team up when it was time to do battle against your parents.

3. You secretly miss the days when your mother dressed you alike. (Old Navy American flag shirts forever.)

4. And when you had to share a bedroom.

5. So you still share rooms when you go away together.

6. But also still argue over who gets the better bed.

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7. It was totally fine if you took her clothes (she didn’t even wear that jean jacket, anyway). But all bets were off when she “borrowed” your lavender gingham babydoll dress without asking.

8. If you’re the older one, you got annoyed every time your parents let her do something they didn’t let you do. If you’re the younger one, you took advantage of this and loved every second of it.

9. You mastered the joint subtle eye roll at an alarmingly young age. (Whatever, mom.)

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10. Growing up, your friends thought your sister was so cute/cool, even though you knew how annoying she was.

11. Your fights were never physical but instead required masterfully orchestrated strategy, intense waiting and psychological warfare.

12. There was one magical year before you went to college when every woman in your house got her period in sync. (Sorry, Dad.)

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13. You go to one another for brutal honesty but usually get mad after hearing the truth.

14. Your parents still call you by each other’s names.

15. And everyone always says you look so much alike even though you totally don’t and you’re your own people, gosh.

16. You have “your movies” that for some reason nobody else entirely understands. (Guys, The Cutting Edge is ah-mazing.)

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17. You always have someone to text when you’re waiting alone and don’t want to look awkward.

18. And she’s the only person you can ask to “LIKE MY INSTA OR ELSE” without sounding like a total lunatic.

19. You relate to the Kardashians more than you’d care to admit.

20. She knows too many embarrassing stories about you to count, but keeps them to herself because you have just as many about her.

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21. No one in the world will be as honest as she is as about your significant other. (And as much as you hate to admit it, she’s usually right.)

22. You can call her basically whenever about basically anything—because no topics are off-limits, for better or for worse.

23. But she always, always, always knows when you’re lying, and will call you on it in a heartbeat.

24. The majority of your jokes make zero sense to the rest of the world.

25. Come to think of it, you kind of have your own language.

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26. But you can say just as much with a single look.

27. She can be the most annoying person on the planet, but the second someone else says something bad about her, you will defend her to the death.

28. Because that’s how sisters roll.

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