‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ Star Théodore Pellerin Talks Career, Costars and Real Canadian Maple Syrup

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As a Quebec-native, actor Théodore Pellerin knows a thing or two about the culinary riches of Canada.

When we spoke with the 22-year-old about his new film Never Sometimes Rarely Always, we explored how he found himself in the midst of a career glow-up and the quintessential Canadian foods that he’s missed while filming stateside.

Pellerin, who not only stars in the haunting critically-acclaimed Eliza Hittman-directed drama but also Kristen Dunst’s Showtime series How to Become a God in Central Florida, was drawn to acting at a young age.

“I went to a school that specializes in theatre…I think it was being there that made me fall in love with acting and actors, more so than cinema or theaters. It was actors that I was really impressed by. I just wanted to learn and learn,” Pellerin told PureWow.

Although he can’t remember his first theatre role, he recalled the first TV role he snagged, which was a series called 30 Vies. “It was very dramatic and very intense,” he remembered.

This early experience in drama has served him well. Since then, he’s starred in Boy Erased, The OA and will even play opposite Emma star Anya Taylor-Joy in the upcoming Francesca Lia Block adaptation, Weetzie Bat.

But in Never Sometimes Rarely Always, Pellerin’s character is oblivious to the plight of the film’s main character, Autumn (Sidney Flanigan), who has fled to New York with her cousin Skylar (Talia Ryder) to seek options due to an unplanned pregnancy. Still, the plot’s emotional resonance wasn’t lost on him when the script came his way.

He explained, “Reading the script, it felt like I was reading a piece of literature. It felt so complete. I felt like we didn’t even need to have images supporting the story because already in the script, the silence through it was so poignant. There was something so tangible…It was intimidating but also invigorating to be a part of something that was so important.”

The experience working on the film, which premiered at Sundance, allowed him to “be there and have empathy for the story.” It also meant he got to film his first project in New York alongside newcomer, Flanigan, and soon-to-be West Side Story star, Ryder.

“I loved working with them. They’re both funny and incredibly talented and present,” he said of both actresses.

And while he loved the experience of filming in New York, he did admit it’s missing just a few key Canadian cornerstones. “It’s so cliché but I actually love maple syrup. I really do. It’s good. It’s great,” he shared. A lesser-known Quebec-specific treasure he also loves? The apple juice. “We have great apple juice in Quebec. It’s not yellow, it’s brown and very heavy. It’s like eating an apple. I definitely recommend it,” he said.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for some—after streaming Never Sometimes Rarely Always on-demand from the comfort of our home, of course.


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