Gabrielle Union's New Movie Is a Fresh Twist on the Classic Rom-Com—& It Just Hit #2 on Netflix

Fans who grew up on rom-com classics like Mahogany, Roman Holiday and even How Stella Got Her Groove Back will feel a sense of déjà vu when they watch Netflix's new rom-com, The Perfect Find, which already hit number two on the streaming platform's top ten list.

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Based on Tia Williams’s book of the same name, it revolves around Jenna Jones (Gabrielle Union), a famous 40-year-old fashion editor who falls from grace after getting fired from her job and dumped by her gorgeous boyfriend of 10 years. Desperate to bounce back, she begs for a job from her old nemesis, but things get complicated when she catches feelings for her Gen-Z coworker, who also happens to be her boss’s son. 

Perhaps you’re already thinking that this is just another fairytale comedy, but The Perfect Find, which is now streaming on Netflix, manages to be both charming and raw, mixing the old with the new. Cute, wholesome moments are balanced with raunchy jokes, steamy makeout sessions and honest conversations about past trauma. But aside from the sizzling chemistry between the main characters, Jenna and Eric (Keith Powers), the film’s biggest strength is how it handles Jenna’s incredibly difficult journey.

Anyone who has experienced a relationship and/or career setback will immediately identify with the talented journalist, who finds herself lost and broken after losing what she valued most. It takes her mother (played brilliantly by Janet Hubert) kicking her out to snap her back into reality, and she’s hopeful when she quickly lands a job. But then, she starts to feel out of place in an industry that clearly moved on without her. And it certainly doesn’t help that her much younger coworker thinks she’s out of touch.

Union totally steals the show as Jenna, who experiences anxiety and doubt throughout much of the film. Not only is she unsure of her ability to keep up with modern trends, but she’s also putting her career on the line for a steamy romance with her nemesis’s son. 

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Speaking of romance, the chemistry between Union and Powers is undeniable from the moment they first cross paths at a party. Within minutes of their first exchange, Jenna and Eric are lip-locked on the couch. And despite Jenna’s best efforts to move past it the next day, she’s forced to partner with the same guy at work. What ensues is an awkward love/hate dynamic. She thinks he’s spoiled and entitled. He thinks she embodies the angry Black woman stereotype from Tyler Perry movies. But even when they bicker and fight, there’s sexual tension.

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It’s refreshing to see a charming, yet honest romance that pays homage to iconic titles like Carmen Jones. (Expect a few easter eggs.) And we love that it shines the spotlight on a woman in her 40s.

But for a rom-com, it definitely could’ve delivered more laughs. Quite a few of the jokes fall flat, while some are amusing enough make you smile at most. But thankfully, there are a few scenes that include Jenna’s outspoken friends (played by La La Anthony and Aisha Hinds), who are genuinely laugh-out-loud funny. 

This aside, The Perfect Find does a stellar job of shedding light on what it’s like to rebuild a career while navigating a complicated love life. And if you ask us, Union and Powers are an unstoppable duo.

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