This Terrifying Flick Just Hit Netflix's Top 10 List & the Trailer Is Already Giving Us Nightmares

Up for a thrilling horror flick that will scare your socks off? Lucky for you, we've stumbled upon a popular new movie that just might do the trick.

Presenting the 2020 sci-fi horror thriller, The Block Island Sound, which recently climbed up the Netflix movie charts and landed at the ninth spot. Critics can't quit raving about the film, and it currently holds an impressive score of 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. So naturally, we just had to check out the trailer—and guys, it is seriously nightmare-worthy.

The Block Island Sound follows a fisherman and his family, who are forced to deal with a strange and ominous force that influences several of the residents of Block Island. Things escalate even further when this dark force starts to kill the wildlife and threaten the family's safety.

The movie stars Michaela McManus, Chris Sheffield, Neville Archambault, Jim Cummings and Jeremy Holm. Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus wrote and directed the film, while Andrew Van den Houten and Ashleigh Snead served as producers.

Countless critics have been praising the film for its scary themes and haunting deeper message. For instance, critic C.H. Newell said that the film "explores the horrors of the unknown with a very unique perspective, also questioning humanity's treatment of the natural world." Matt Donato's WhatToWatch review also reads, "The Block Island Sound takes the idea of 'siren songs,' mixes in possession paranoia, and adds a spoonful of grief to make the whole thing that much more of a waterlogged nightmare."

Sounds like a great choice for the ultimate scary movie night.

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