Here’s Where You’ve Seen the Cast of ‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ (From ‘Virgin River’ to ‘Gilmore Girls’)

It’s safe to say that Robyn Carr's writing is the gift that keeps on giving. Following Netflix’s hugely successful adaptation of the Virgin River book series, CTV is bringing another compelling book series to life: Sullivan's Crossing

The new show follows Maggie Sullivan, a neurosurgeon who runs away from her chaotic life and moves back to her childhood home, Sullivan’s Crossing, to reunite with her estranged father and get a fresh start. The drama premiered on CTV Canada in March, but it will also be coming to the U.S. on The CW this Fall.

With its beautiful scenery and cozy small-town vibes, it’s easy to see why the new series has already garnered a loyal following. But it’s biggest strength? The incredible characters. Keep reading for details about the Sullivan's Crossing cast.

sullivans crossing cast morgan kohan

1. Morgan Kohan 

  • Character: Maggie Sullivan 
  • What else she’s been in: Batwoman, When Hope Calls, Batwoman, Transplant, A Romance Wedding, Kim's Convenience, The Bold Type

The Canada native grew up as a competitive dancer, but after participating in the Triple Threat Program at Randolph Academy in Toronto, she decided to focus on acting. Morgan Kohan is best known for her role as Lillian Walsh in Hallmark’s When Hope Calls.

sullivans crossing cast scott patterson

2. Scott Patterson 

  • Character: Harry 'Sully' Sullivan
  • What else he’s been in: Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, The Event, Little Big League, Saw IV, Saw V

Most of us recognize him as the cynical Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls or Peter Strahm from the Saw franchise. But way before he started acting, he pursued a career in baseball from 1980 to 1986, where he served as a pitcher in the minor leagues. In the early ’90s, Scott Patterson turned his attention to acting and began training in New York.

sullivans crossing cast chad michael

3. Chad Michael Murray 

  • Character: Cal Jones  
  • What else he’s been in: One Tree Hill, Freaky Friday, A Cinderella Story, House of Wax, Gilmore Girls

In the span of two decades, Chad Michael Murray proved his natural ability to play the charming love interest. (One of his most popular roles is none other than Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill.) Aside from making countless fans swoon on the small screen, Murray has also dabbled in writing and published two novels, including Everlast and American Drifter.

sullivans crossing cast reid price

4. Reid Price 

  • Character: Rob Shandon
  • What else he’s been in: From, King & Pawn, Moonshine, The SInner

The actor, writer and composer landed his first role as Radio Host Johnny in the series Mr. D in 2018. Since then, Reid Price has appeared in more than a dozen projects, like Bone Cage, Wooden Nickels, Second Wedding and Scouter Joe.

sullivans crossing cast tom jackson

5.  Tom Jackson 

  • Character: Frank Cranebear 
  • What else he’s been in: Cold Pursuit, Cardinal, Outlander, North of 60, Shining Time Station

The Canadian actor and singer is best known for playing Peter Kenidi on North of 60 and Billy Twofeathers on Shining Time Station, but he’s also a successful entrepreneur who founded the annual Huron Carole fund-raising concerts for local food banks. Additionally, Tom Jackson has a total of ten music albums under his belt.

sullivans crossing cast andrea menard

6. Andrea Menard 

  • Character: Edna Cranebear 
  • What else she’s been in: Blackstobe, Rabbit Fall, The Velvet Devil, Hard Rock Medical

The actress, playwright and jazz singer has been dominating the industry with her talents. Andrea Menard is known for writing and composing her one-woman play, The Velvet Devil, in 1998. Plus, her songs have been used in several TV shows, including "If I Were a Man," which was featured on Queer as Folk.

sullivans crossing cast amalia williamson

7. Amalia Williamson 

  • Character: Lola Gunderson 
  • What else she’s been in: Northern Rescue, Level 16, The Kid Detective 

Amalia Williamson has quite a few acting credits under her belt, including Glass Houses, Private Eyes and A Christmas Letter. The actress has also written and directed multiple short films, like Daughter, Rosie and Love Not Lost.

sullivans crossing cast dakota taylor

8. Dakota Taylor 

  • Character: Rafe Vadas
  • What else he’s been in: Ghosts, Zero Chill, Homekilling Queen

After studying film production at York University, Dakota Taylor went on to appear in projects like Canada: The Story of Us, Teens 101, Rape Card and The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. He has also written and produced two short films: Nature and Immersive and Alive.

sullivans crossing cast calem macdonald

9. Calem MacDonald

  • Character: Kaleb Meyer
  • What else she’s been in: The Umbrella Academy, Moonshine, The Detectives

You might have spotted him as Young Dave in a few episodes of The Umbrella Academy, or maybe you recognize him as Jason from Night Blooms. When Calem MacDonald isn’t flexing his acting muscles, he’s either studying Science in Aviation at Mount Allison University or playing ice hockey (per IMDB).

sullivans crossing cast lynda boyd

10. Lynda Boyd 

  • Character: Phoebe Lancaster
  • What else she’s been in: Final Destination 2, An Unfinished Life, She's the Man, Virgin River, Supernatural

Lynda Boyd has been in the industry since the ’80s and boasts a whopping 154 acting credits. Chances are you’ve seen her appear in at least one of your favorite shows, like Psych, ER, Supergirl and, of course, Virgin River, where she plays Lilly. The star also landed minor roles in movies like The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, About a Girl and I Spy.

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