Take a Trip to the Upside Down with the 30 Best ‘Stranger Things’ Gifts

Nothing beats the Stranger Things universe. There’s Hawkins High, the Upside Down, terrifying Demogorgons and, of course, Eleven and her trusty squad. But now that we’ve gotten through part one of season four, we’re going to need something to hold us over. And we suspect we’re not the only ones.

So, allow us to introduce the best Stranger Things gifts that’ll remind you of Hawkins Indiana. Whether you know a fan or you’re eager to add cool merch to your own collection, keep reading for 30 great options, from collectible trading cards to the official Hellfire Club T-Shirt.

stranger things gifts monopoly

1. Monopoly: Netflix Stranger Things Edition

Everyone's favorite board game is now ten times better, thanks to this epic Stranger Things twist. The game comes with cool new features and themed tokens that range from the Hawkins High School crest to a slice of Surfer Boy pizza. Plus, if you've already seen season four, you'll recognize plenty of new locations that were featured in the series.

stranger things gifts flashlight

2. Stranger Things Demogorgon Hunting Flashlight

Thankfully, you don’t have to hunt Demogorgons in the middle of the night. But this bright LED flashlight—which can last for up to 80 hours—will come in handy for any situation.

stranger things gifts upsidedown hoodie

3. Stuck in the Upside Down Hoodie

Turn your style upside down with this cozy hoodie, inspired by the official Stranger Things lettering. One happy customer said, "This hoodie is excellent! I was suspicious of all the seemingly poor quality Stranger Things clothing on Amazon but this one was great."

stranger things gifts hellfire tee

4. Hellfire Club T-Shirt

Multiple characters, including Eddie and Mike, rock this exact shirt in season four of the show. And now, you can dress up as a proud member of the Dungeons and Dragons-themed club.

stranger things gifts jewelry

5. Stranger Things Charm Bracelet & Necklace Set

Up your accessory game with this flattering bracelet and necklace set. Each charm is a symbol from the series, including a bike, a baseball bat, a Christmas light bulb, the number 11, a compass and, of course, a Demogorgon.

stranger things gifts curtain 1

6. Scoops Ahoy Shower Curtain

Before it was ravaged by the Spider Monster, Scoops Ahoy was everyone’s favorite destination at Starcourt Mall. But let’s face it: It isn’t nearly as memorable without our favorite duo, Steve and Robin. 

stranger things gifts trading cards

7. Stranger Things Collectible Trading Cards

This includes a base set of 18 character cards from Stranger Things, including the core cast and newer additions like Eddie, Vecna and Argyle. It also contains The Party Lenticular cards, Butcher Billy Season 4 posters and, best of all, cards autographed by Butcher Billy himself. 

stranger things gifts pillow 1

8. Eleven Character Collage Throw Pillow

This decorative throw pillow is an ode to El, featuring hand drawn objects like crushed Coke cans, Eggo waffles, yellow scrunchies, Walkie-Talkies and Eleven’s colorful outfit from season three. 

stranger things gifts pencil jar

9. Demogorgon Ceramic Planter & Pen Holder

Add a piece of the Upside Down to your workspace by using this ceramic pot to hold your pens and pencils. Or, if you need more greenery in your home, consider using it as a planter for small indoor plants, whether it be a succulent or cactus.

stranger things gifts windbreaker

10. Quiksilver x Stranger Things Lenora Windbreaker Jacket

Inspired by the Lenora Hills Surf Club, this retro pastel jacket is a blast from the past. And lucky for us, it isn’t the only Stranger Things apparel that Quiksilver offers. The brand has teamed up with the show to release multiple collections that reference ​​The​​ Upside Down, Surfer Boy Pizza and more.

stranger things gifts backpack

11. Superbreak Plus Eleven Backpack

Channel Eleven’s style with this stylish backpack, which features bold, eye-catching stripes. The backpack is quite roomy and includes a front utility pocket, an internal padded sleeve and a side water bottle pocket. (We know El would approve.)

stranger things gifts hawkins tee
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12. Hawkins High Tiger Emblem T-Shirt

You can easily blend in with the students of Hawkins High by rocking this familiar tiger emblem. However, there’s no need to attend classes or sit through a bunch of pep rallies.

stranger things gifts lights alphabet

13. Christmas Lights Alphabet Blanket

A true Stranger Things fan will recognize these festive Christmas lights from season one’s “Holly Jolly” episode, where Joyce desperately tries to communicate with her son by creating an alphabet system on her wall. Relive the iconic moment (and keep warm) with this comfy blanket. 

stranger things gifts mug

14. Demogorgon Head Mug

The best part of waking up is…sipping our morning coffee out of this gorgeous Demogorgon ceramic mug. Are we right, or are we right? 

stranger things gifts pizza shirt

15. Surfer Boy Pizza Bundle

Yes, we still think about that pineapple pizza that Argyle so effortlessly whipped up in season four. And though we can’t actually taste his creation, Netflix is offering the next best thing: a Surfer Boy Pizza set. The bundle includes a pineapple-scented Surfer Bot Tee, a pineapple-scented badge, stickers, a tote bag and a custom Surfer Boy pizza box.

stranger things gifts wall art

16. Stranger Things Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Spruce up those walls by adding cool decals inspired by your favorite sci-fi horror. The set includes 17 pieces that range in size, with characters like Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Mike and Will.

stranger things gifts cat tunnel

17. Kitty City Stranger Things Cat Tunnel

Unlike those scary creatures in the series, this Demogorgon tunnel doesn’t bite. Customers can send their furry friends straight into the mouth of the beast for naps and playtime. It’s no wonder the toy boasts a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon.

stranger things gifts lite brite

18. Lite Brite Stranger Things Special Edition

Get your fill of nostalgia with this Stranger Things edition of Lite Brite. The retro favorite comes with 12 unique HD design templates from all four seasons of the series, including the Hawkins High mascot, a Demogorgon and the Hellfire Club.

stranger things gifts hellfire blanket

19. Hellfire Club Throw Blanket

What’s a binge-watching party without a throw blanket? This soft, silky blanket will keep you toasty during winter, but it’ll also turn heads with its vibrant red-and-blue design, featuring the Hellfire Club symbol, red Demogorgons and the retro ten-sided dice. 

stranger things gifts hawkins tee 2 1

20. Welcome to Hawkins T-Shirt

Wear this with pride as a homage to Eleven and the gang in season one. You’ll recall that young El and her friends emerged as heroes after a slew of terrifying Demogorgons escaped the Upside Down to wreak havoc in Hawkins. 

stranger things gifts coloring book

21. Stranger Things: The Official Coloring Book

You can bring out your inner child and rediscover the Stranger Things universe, from Hawkins High to the Upside Down. It features drawings of several standout scenes, like the alphabet wall and Scoops Ahoy.

stranger things gifts stickers

22. Stranger Things Sticker Pack

Add these colorful stickers to almost any surface, from your laptop to your favorite water bottle. The best part? They’re quite durable, too. One satisfied customer wrote, "My son put them all over a water bottle, and it has accidentally been put in the dishwasher multiple times and no stickers have come off!"

stranger things gifts toy

23. Stuffed Demogorgon Toy

Who knew that these terrifying, flower-headed creatures could be so…cute? The nine-inch plush toy doubles as a soft cushion or throw pillow for your couch. Or you can give your office a little upgrade by displaying it on your work desk. 

stranger things gifts max case

24. Mad Max Stranger Things iPhone Case

With all that Max has been through with Vecna/Henry/One, we’d say it’s fitting to honor our favorite redhead with this awesome phone case, featuring an illustration of Max from the episode “Mad Max” in season two.  

stranger things gifts el max tote

25. Eleven and Max Tote Bag

Celebrate Max and Eleven’s tight-knit friendship with this gorgeous tote bag, inspired by their adventures at the mall in season three. You can even get a second for your BFF and rock those bags for your next shopping spree. As Max so eloquently put it, "There's more to life than stupid boys, you know." 

stranger things gifts vinyl

26. Stranger Things Soundtrack from Season 4 (Vinyl Record)

Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" has been stuck in our heads ever since we finished part one of season four—and we’re not alone. You can jam out to the song and several other classics on this vinyl record, from “California Dreamin'” by The Beach Boys to “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” by Dead or Alive.

stranger things gifts 8 ball

27. Magic 8 Ball Stranger Things Edition

Since Stranger Things is set in the ’80s, it’s only fitting to get a toy that delivers all the nostalgia. This magical little ball is identical to the classic version, but you must flip it upside down after asking a yes or no question. For an added spooky effect, the responses also appear in deep red liquid. 

stranger things gifts glasses

28. Stranger Things Eleven Goggles

If you dare, journey into the mind of Vecna with these epic Surfer Boy Pizza Goggles—just like the ones Eleven wore in season four, episode nine. (Bathtub and saltwater not included.)

stranger things gifts cap

29. Stranger Things Thinking Cap

The next time you join a brainstorming session, you’ll be well-prepared with this replica of Dustin’s iconic “Thinking Cap.” Although it comes in different colors, the hat features the same neon lettering with two lightning bolts, as seen on the Netflix series.

stranger things gifts tote

30. Hellfire Club Oversized Tote Bag

Showcase your allegiance to the Hellfire Club with this sturdy tote, which boasts a 36-liter capacity. It features the classic logo against a black background on one side and eye-catching illustrations against a white background on the other.

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