A Definitive Ranking of Sofía Vergara’s Best Movies & TV Shows

It should come as no surprise that Sofía Vergara was named the highest-paid TV actress in Hollywood. After her humble beginnings as a model, the 49-year-old appeared in several Spanish-language shows before moving on to her first American comedy. And now, Vergara has plenty of successful acting credits under her belt, including her brilliant portrayal of firecracker Colombian Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family.

While the America's Got Talent judge is known for her comedic chops, she has also nailed quite a few serious roles. Curious to see what they are? Keep reading for a definitive ranking of Sofía Vergara’s best movies and TV shows.

13. ‘Soul Plane’ (2004)

While it boasts a star-studded cast (​​Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg and Terry Crews—to name a few), Soul Plane is so wonderfully bad that you can’t look away. Vergara portrays the sultry airplane stewardess, Blanca, who works for an airline that celebrates hip-hop culture and caters specifically to African Americans. It’s great for guilty-pleasure viewing, just as long as you don’t take the plot too seriously.

12. ‘Four Brothers’ (2005)

Following the murder of their mother, four adopted siblings hatch a plan to avenge her death. In the film, Vergara stars as Sofi, the feisty girlfriend of a former Marine, Angel (Tyrese Gibson). Her fiery outbursts have Gloria written all over them.

11. ‘The Three Stooges’ (2012)

Vergara takes on the villainous role of Lydia Harter, a devious wife who wants to murder her husband and obtain his inheritance. Lydia hires three clueless men to do her dirty work, but the trio end up causing even more problems.

10. ‘Chasing Papi’ (2003)

A charming playboy named Thomas (Eduardo Verastegui) suffers a mental breakdown after trying to juggle relationships with three different women, including a passionate waitress named Cici (Vergara). His doctor offers a simple solution: pick one of them.

9. ‘Bent’ (1997)

Vergara may be a master of comedy, but she's also pulled off more serious roles. In this crime thriller, a former detective seeks revenge on the person who framed him for murder. But when he embarks on his mission, he crosses paths with a seductive government agent (Vergara).

8. ‘Hot Pursuit’ (2015)

Granted, it’s not the best female-led comedy, but Reese Witherspoon and Vergara are bound to reel you in with their incredible chemistry. Witherspoon stars as an uptight police officer, who’s tasked with protecting the widow of a drug boss (Vergara) from criminals and crooked cops who want her killed.

7. ‘Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail’ (2009)

After a wild police chase lands Madea (Tyler Perry) in jail, she meets her new cellmate, Terry “T.T.” (Vergara), a mentally unstable serial killer who murdered 18 men. While her role is fairly minor, Vergara dominates every scene that she’s in, from her manic smile to her funny one-liners.

6. ‘The Knights Of Prosperity’

Eugene (Donal Logue), an underpaid janitor with dreams of opening a bar, enlists the help of his misfit peers to rob a celebrity. The assembled crew, dubbed “Knights,” includes a janitor, a taxi driver, a security guard and a stunning young waitress named Esperanza (Vergara).

5. ‘Chef’ (2014)

Vergara portrays Inez, a supportive ex-wife, in this dramedy that’s written and directed by Jon Favreau. The story follows Carl (Jon Favreau), whose life is turned upside-down after he quits his job at a prestigious Los Angeles restaurant. When he launches his own food truck, he rediscovers his passion for Cuban cuisine.

4. ‘The Female Brain’ (2017)

This fascinating adaptation of Louann Brizendine’s nonfiction book explores the science behind women’s romantic choices. It follows a neurologist, who conducts a study to examine the female mind. One of the test subjects is realtor Lisa Hampton (Vergara), a frustrated wife and mom who feels stuck in a lifeless marriage.

3. ‘Hot Properties’

Unfortunately, the ABC sitcom ended after just one season, but it was essentially a playful cross between Sex and the City and Designing Women. The series focuses on four single women as they navigate their personal and professional lives in New York. Vergara totally shines as Lola, a recently divorced woman whose ex-husband came out as gay.

2. ‘Bottom Of The 9th’ (2019)

Vergara stars alongside her real-life husband in this poignant drama, which follows an aspiring baseball player named Sonny (Joe Manganiello). After serving 17 years in jail following a violent incident, he tries to redeem himself by rekindling his romance with Angela (Vergara) and re-training for the Major League.

1. ‘Modern Family’

How could we forget about the Emmy-winning mockumentary that made Vergara a household name? Modern Family centers around three dysfunctional, but lovable, families living in suburban Los Angeles. And yes, the iconic lines are aplenty.

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