This Jason Statham Movie Just Hit #9 on Netflix (& It Looks *Really* Good)

Yet another action thriller has made its way to Netflix's top movies list, and this time, it's an intense drama that stars The Transporter's Jason Statham.

The movie, called Redemption (released as Hummingbird in the U.K.), was actually met with mixed reviews during its initial theatrical release. But while it wasn't the biggest box office success, it looks like fans have now taken a liking to the film, which is now the ninth most-watched movie on Netflix. In his review for The Guardian, Mark Kermode called it "flawed but ambitious," while Dan Mecca said that it was a "solid piece of storytelling." Movie critic Jason Best also praised Statham for his stellar performance on What's on TV, where he wrote, "When it comes to playing impossibly lethal flint-eyed loners, no one else in current British cinema can match him."

Check out the full trailer below:

As for the plot, the movie follows Joseph Smith (Statham), a veteran and homeless man in London who has PTSD. After breaking into the abandoned home of a successful photographer, Joseph squats there and assumes a new identity while using the owner's resources. However, things get rather complicated when he learns that his close friend, Cristina, has been murdered.

In addition to Statham, the film stars Agata Buzek, Vicky McClure, Christian Brassington and Benedict Wong. It was written and directed by Steven Knight, while it was produced by Guy Heeley and Paul Webster.

With this fascinating storyline and Statham's acting chops, we can see why fans are loving this one.

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