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What Type of #BossLady Are You?

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Great news, TV addicts: A reboot of the 1980s prime-time soap, Dynasty, is back this fall on The CW (Wednesday, October 11 at 9/8c, to be exact) and we can barely contain our excitement. If you’re new to the drama, gear up to meet the Carringtons—a family built on a global empire and determined to be on top. As we see them claw their way to victory, we can’t help but think about our own leadership style. (Ambitious? Cool? Totally hands off?). Want to know yours? Take the quiz to find out.


how Do You Handle Stress?

I blow off steam by revenge plotting whoever is stressing me out.

I talk it through with my team until I feel better about the situation.

Forget about it. Someone else will figure it out.

I roll up my sleeves and use teamwork to diffuse the situation.


Which Iconic Cw Character Is Basically You?

The CW

Serena van der Woodsen

The CW

Betty Cooper

The CW

Jane Villanueva

The CW

Fallon Carrington


Okay, Let’s Talk Personal Life. What’s Your Family Like?

We’re a fiercely competitive bunch, but we’re close and would never let anyone drive a wedge between us.

We’re all super chill and easy going.

My friends are my family, really.

They’re great! I live far away from them but we check in all the time.


You’re Unexpectedly Stuck Babysitting 10 Kids For An Hour. Wyd?

Toss a bag of candy at them let them have it at while you check Instagram in the corner.

Sit on the floor with them and start a game of duck-duck-goose.

Assign them all chores (might as well make the most of your time with 10 little minions).

Ask for their input on games, and then decide which one makes the most sense from a group perspective.


Which Flower Arrangement Do You Want On Your Desk?

Tom Merton/Getty Images

Almaje/Getty Images

lenta/Getty Images

CatLane/Getty Images


Which Quality Best Describes You?








What Type Of Show Do You Like To Binge In Your Spare Time?

A twisty, complicated romance drama

A hilarious mockumentary

Whatever is inspiring the most Instagram memes

A dark thriller series


Which Quality Do You Admire Most In Other Boss Ladies?

Unfailing kindness

Constant drive and ambition

Life-work balance

Perfected morning routines (seriously, how do they have time to look so good?)

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