We Just Found the Prettiest Puzzles...& They Make Great Holiday Gifts


We’re approaching two years of the coronavirus pandemic, and we still haven't kicked our social distancing hobby: jigsaw puzzles. They’re mentally stimulating, time-consuming and good for individuals or families.

And just when we thought we'd completed every type of puzzle, we found a company that creates some of the prettiest jigsaws we’ve ever seen. Called Puzzledly, the brand was created by four female puzzle fanatics who weren't satisfied with the market's current offerings. Now, their company has over 50 gorgeous puzzles to choose from (all under $35).

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you might want to purchase one of these puzzles for your grandma, cousin or even yourself. Keep reading for a few of our favorites.

puzzle 1

1. Best Buds (500 Pieces)

puzzle 2

2. Simply The Zest (1,000 Pieces)

puzzle 3