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A ladder for your cat. Minty-fresh kisses. Pink-dyed tips. Come on, why not show your four-legged friend he’s your ride or die?

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Pet art

Commission a Pet Portrait
Los Angeles–based artist Julie Arnoff creates whimsical, drippy oil-and-acrylic paintings of your dog or cat. Best of all, booking a session with her is as spontaneous as her brushstrokes seem: Just stop by her tent at the Melrose Trading Post or the Arts District Flea Market and for $175, she’ll immortalize your pet.

Gift Your Feline a Cat Ladder
All the rage in Switzerland (and the subject of an upcoming book), cat ladders are jerry-rigged structures that let a cat walk from one balcony or fire escape to the next. While we’re not going to tilt one against our windowsill anytime soon, we love the indoor models you can have custom made.

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Dye Your Pet Pink
Consider this the WeHo version of that makeover scene in Pretty Woman: You bring in your scruffy pooch (to hip salon OrangeBone) and he leaves with a blowout and pink tips. It’s nontoxic to your pet and won’t rub off on your pieced cowhide rug.

Visit the No-Shots Dentist
Are Felix’s teeth looking a little discolored? K9 Grillz sends licensed vets (who oversee animal dental technicians) to area pet boutiques, where dogs and cats aren’t given general anesthesia, as is usually the practice for cleanings. Instead, they’re gently wrapped in a towel before their teeth are cleaned in much the same way yours are: Tartar is removed, and an ultrasonic scaler and mechanical polisher brighten up the teeth. If there’s a problem that might need a more serious consult, you’re referred to a canine dentist with a picture of the affected area.

Get a Profesh Photo with Your Pet
Charlie Nunn Photography is a whiz with cats, dogs, kangaroos, pythons... You name it, Nunn and his partner, Raymond Janis, have captured it charmingly on film in their North Hollywood studio. Best of all, you can have a family portrait done including humans and pets in whatever pose you’re happiest in (yes, even lying down).

Get Mouthwash for Killer
Yep, we’ve heard that Greenies freshen dogs’ breath. But truth: It just makes their breath smell like Greenies. Instead, put a tablespoon of this lightly mint-scented water into their water bowl. (It’s also safe for cats.)

Serena & Lily

Make His Bed a Treat
Upgrade from that sloppy foam mess you impulse purchased at a big-box store. This rattan dog bed is paws down better looking in oversized gingham.

doggie treats
Three Dog Bakery

Get Freshly Baked Dog Treats
Collie cannolis. Pup tarts. Even birthday cakes for that big surprise party you have planned. Encino’s Three Dog Bakery has fresh, baked-from-scratch treats you can feel good about giving to your pet.

Take Your Dog to Boot Camp
You know how everyone’s always saying Runyon Canyon has gone to the dogs? Well, lean into that notion at the three-times-a-week Bowwow Workout led by personal trainer Bruce Gilbert. A dozen dogs and their owners complete an hour-long run-walk through the trail, stopping along the way to do sets of push-ups, sit-ups and dog treat proffering. 

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