Pedro Pascal Is Set to Star in a New Road Trip Comedy—Here’s What We Know

Pedro Pascal at 'Narcos' S2 premiere.
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You can’t go anywhere on the internet without seeing the face of Pedro Pascal. Whether you’re watching him slay zombies in the HBO hit series The Last of Us or take a large crunchy bite of a sandwich in that funny meme, one thing is for sure: People love themselves some Pedro. 

And now, fans are going to see a lot more of the Star Wars alum. According to IndieWire, Pascal, 48, is joining the cast of the road trip LGBTQIA+ comedy, Drive-Away Dolls

Per the publication, the film follows a young woman named Jamie, described as an “uninhibited free spirit,” who is going through a breakup with her girlfriend. Along with her friend, Marian, the two set out on a fun road trip to Tallahassee. But, the adventure soon takes a turn for the worse when the pair run into a group of criminals.

Pedro Pascal at The Mandalorian S3 premiere.

The upcoming project will be directed by Ethan Coen, marking his solo directing debut without his brother, Joel Coen. The pair (famously known as the Coen Brothers) have directed critically acclaimed films like Fargo (1996) and Hail! Caesar (2016). Ethan and his wife, Tricia Cooke, also wrote the script for the new film. 

While we don’t know much about the ensemble cast, we do know that Pascal will be featured alongside Air star Matt Damon, 52, in the project.

Pedro Pascal and Matt Damon CAT
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One thing we do know? The official release date: September 22, 2023.

Aside from starring in The Last of Us, Pascal plays Din Djardin in the popular Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. Back in March, the Chilean-born American chatted with Entertainment Weekly and personally shared one of his favorite days on set. 

“The first episode of season 2, when we meet this really amazing Blade Runner-esque urban environment,” Pascal said without question. “I can't think of a time in Star Wars where you felt like you were in a real city.”

Pascal and Damon in a comedy together? Oh yeah, we have to see this.

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