The One Thing Your Holiday Party Is Missing… Is a Mentalist?

nitin ramlall mentalist 728

Recipe for a great holiday fete: free-flowing drinks, bopping tunes (whether that means Christmas songs or ’90s hip-hop), plenty of snacks and…a mind reader. Wait, what?

Hear us out: A few PureWowers recently got a front-row seat to the work of Nitin Ramlall, a performer who focuses on “mental magic,” and his abilities, uh, for lack of a better term, blew their minds. What kind of abilities, you ask? Well, he’s been known to guess birthdays and the names of family members, unlock borrowed phones and otherwise know exactly what you’re thinking. (We might be creeped out if it weren’t so damn entertaining—and Ramlall wasn’t such a delight.)

Whether you’re getting together with cousins or co-workers, a little magic is guaranteed to get people talking, laughing and changing their phone passwords. And if you’re playing White Elephant, maybe Ramlall can give you some insider info.

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