3 Free—Yes, Free—New TV Shows to Watch on Tubi This Spring

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They say nothing in life is free, but we’re pretty sure “they” have never heard of Tubi, the premium, on-demand video streaming app that is pumping out some seriously good television. We applaud Tubi’s efforts to promote Black-led independent films, their love of so-bad-they're-actually-good movies, and now these three new British originals making their way across the pond this spring—one of them even starring Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan. Add to queue: Dead Hot, Boarders and Big Mood. You won’t regret it (and won’t spend a penny either way, so why the heck not?).

dead hot tubi shows to watch

1. Dead Hot

First up is Liverpool-set comedy-thriller Dead Hot, which brings together Elliot and Jess after the loss of Peter, Jess’s brother and Elliot’s first-ever love. The unlikely duo try to find out what happened to Peter with detectives hot on their trail, until a similar missing person case lands in their laps. Add in Elliot’s “bigot grandmother,” played by the superb Penelope Wilton of Downton Abbey, and you have a recipe for disaster—and belly laughs. Watch the trailer here, then stream the series on Tubi when it’s released on March 27.

boarders tubi shows to watch

2. Boarders

For fans of the Irish comedy Derry Girls: This is another coming-of-age drama (from the BBC) that will leave you laughing, crying and probably some combo of both (watch the trailer here to see what we mean). This time, we follow five Black students from south London who receive scholarships to attend an ancient, prestigious (and predominantly white) upper-class boarding school. Only, the school has awarded the scholarships to earn what they hope is “good press” in the wake of scandal: A group of white male students filmed themselves harassing a homeless man, then splashed it all over social media. Needless to say, the new “boarders” will have to navigate more than just a new school.

big mood tubi shows to watch

3. Big Mood

Facts: We will binge anything with Nicola Coughlan—of Bridgerton, Derry Girls and Barbie. This show is like Broad City but British. It follows two lifelong best friends—Coughlan’s Maggie alongside actress Lydia West’s Eddie—as they navigate their thirties while working through some serious mental health obstacles. For one, Maggie has a bipolar disorder relapse, and her psychiatrist thinks worry dolls are the answer. Need a good laugh after a long, hard day? Big Mood is it.


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