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It’s Friday. Come 5 p.m., you’re free to do whatever you want for the next 48 hours. You could be super productive and finish those home repairs you’ve been chipping away at. You could even go to the gym. A third, entirely more enjoyable option: You could stay in and get involved in one of these new shows, streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now and CW Seed.

new shows casual

If you like “Transparent,” watch “Casual”

More of a slow burn than an action-packed, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it show, Casual is smart indie series full of dysfunction, poignancy and a whole lot of sex.

Available now on Hulu.

new shows ex gf

If you like “Glee,” watch “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Comedy! Drama! Musical numbers! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a sometimes light, sometimes melodramatic, pretty much always flashy watch. Full disclosure: It's a love-it-or-hate-it type of show, but if you're of the theatrical affinity, you'll probably enjoy it.

Available now on Hulu.

new shows master

If you like “Louie,” watch “Master of None”

Aziz Ansari’s series about a struggling actor calls to mind Louis CK’s single-perspective, comedian-created series starring a flawed, relatable everyman.

Available now on Netflix.

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new shows marvel

If you like “Daredevil,” watch “Marvel’s Jessica Jones”

Comic-book fans (and pretty much anyone looking for an edge-of-your-seat watch) will get sucked into the dark, gritty and twisty world of an ex-superhero working as a private investigator.

Available November 20 on Netflix.


If you like “Shark Tank,” watch “Project Greenlight”

Oh hello, Hollywood politics. The comeback season of this Emmy-nominated reality series premiered back in September, but the finale just aired November 1--meaning the complete eight-episode run is prime for full-on binging.

Available now on HBO Now.

new shows bob dave1

If you like “Key & Peele,” watch “With Bob & Dave”

Remember '90s cult-favorite “Mr. Show”? If so, you’re in luck: Its creators and stars, Bob Odenkirk (ahem, Better Call Saul) and David Cross (ahem, Arrested Development), are back with a brand-new sketch-comedy production that came just in time for the exit of the beloved Key & Peele.

Available November 13 on Netflix.

new shows moonbeam city

If you like “Bob’s Burgers,” watch “Moonbeam City”

Beyond silly but worth it for the '80s digs alone, Moonbeam City airs on Comedy Central and streams on Hulu. FYI: The cast includes Rob Lowe, Will Forte and Elizabeth Banks. Just so you know.

Available now on Hulu.

new shows castle

If you like “Black Mirror,” watch “The Man in the High Castle”

If you’re looking for something light and noncommittal, skip this. Ridley Scott directs what’s best described as a high-concept, dystopian alternate history that’s disturbing, full of twists and will seriously make you think.

Available November 20 on Amazon Prime.

new shows river

If you like “Sherlock,” watch “River”

This six-episode British drama follows a brilliant but troubled detective. More substantive than a police procedural, River tackles tough topics like mental health; it's really well written and beautifully shot.

Available November 18 on Netflix.

new shows oc

If you like none of the above, watch “The OC”

If the previous eight shows sound absolutely insufferable, watch (or re-watch) the seminal teen drama The OC, streaming FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FULL. 

Available now on CW Seed.

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