This Netflix Drama Was Named One of the Best Shows of 2020 (& We Can See Why)

So you've already binged more South Korean movies than you can count, and now, you're craving even more content. You want to see something that's unique and powerful, complete with brilliant writing and cinematography—but you're not sure where to start.

Allow us to introduce you to Netflix's It's Okay To Not Be Okay, the romance series that's bound to have you excited. Not only is this show the platform's most popular romance drama in South Korea, but it's also among the most watched shows in countries like Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan and South Africa. The New York Times has already labeled it one of the Best Shows of 2020, and according to Forbes, it's also "the most visually appealing drama" of the year. Joan MacDonald writes, "Not only are the actors beautiful, but the drama’s graphics, cinematography and costumes are also gorgeous."

Curious to know more? Read on for details.

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1. What Is ‘it’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ About?

The series, which currently has one season and 16 episodes, follows Moon Gang-tae, an orphan and caregiver who lives with his brother, Moon Sang-tae, who has autism. After Gang-tae starts to work at OK Psychiatric Hospital, he crosses paths with a famous, antisocial writer named Ko Moon-young. However, when she discovers that their pasts have overlapped, she begins to develop romantic feelings for Gang-tae. Throughout the show, as they bond, they work through their issues and help each other heal emotionally.

2. Is It Really Based On A True Story?

The plot was actually inspired by the real-life relationship of the show's screenwriter, Jo Yong. In a statement, she revealed, "This drama started from my love story with a man who had a personality disorder. [It's] the reflection of my love story."

She continued, "So, through a solid character named Gang-tae, who was the opposite of me, I wanted to show recognition and acceptance that I couldn't do at the time, and I wanted to apologize. I wanted to tell him somehow, 'You haven't done anything wrong. So please be happy.'"

3. Is There A Trailer?

There sure is, and the chemistry between Gang-tae and Moon-young will give you all the chills. The trailer starts off with Gang-tae being told to look after his brother, and we see glimpses of his episodes. Also, following his encounter with Moon-young, he appears to open up about his fears and his past, admitting that he thought he was "on the run because of his brother." The trailer may be less than a minute long, but it's more than enough to convince us that the drama is totally binge-worthy.

4. Who’s In The Cast?

Kim Soo-hyun plays Moon Gang-tae while Seo Yea-ji plays Ko Moon-young. Other cast members include Oh Jung-se, Park Kyu-young, Kim Joo-hun, Park Jin-joo and Kim Chang-wan.

5. Will There Be A Season 2?

There's no word about a second season, but fans certainly have theories. Some suspect that season two will be in the works because of how the first season ended. However, others are convinced that a renewal won't happen because the main characters have already healed and found closure.

Netflix has yet to confirm anything, but if a second season does happen, we imagine that it'll be just as binge-worthy as the first.

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