Details on Mandy Moore’s Net Worth, From Her ‘This Is Us’ Salary to Her Music Career

First, she stole our hearts with bubblegum pop tunes in the early 2000s. Then, after landing roles in teen movies like The Princess Diaries and Chasing Liberty, she moved to the small screen to portray one of her most memorable characters on NBC’s This Is Us.

Allow us to introduce Mandy Moore—better known as the criminally underrated actress and singer who’s been keeping us entertained for over two decades. The Emmy-nominated star recently treated fans to new music with her latest album release, In Real Life, and completed the final season of This Is Us. But now that the popular series has come to an end, we’re exploring her impressive resume to learn more about her massive net worth. Keep reading for details.

1. What is Mandy Moore’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Moore’s net worth is an estimated $14 million, largely thanks to her role as Rebecca on This Is Us.

2. How much did Moore make from her music career?

The songstress has seven studio albums under her belt, including her iconic debut record from 1999, So Real. And according to Billboard, by 2009, Moore had already sold more than 2.7 million albums in the U.S. alone. 

Her first album was certified platinum and, thus far, eight of her songs placed on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Even now, Moore’s music career is still going strong, and she recently did a summer tour to promote her latest album. Her exact earnings are unknown, but it sounds like her music earned her plenty of extra dough.

3. How much did she make from This Is Us?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that the actress made $250,000 per episode, which calculates to $4.5 million per year. As it turns out, Moore and the rest of the cast tried to negotiate a pay raise ahead of the final season. But according to Deadline, NBC offered the main cast a sizable bonus ($2 million, to be exact) instead.

4. What about her other acting roles?

Moore may have gotten her start in music, but after she landed her first movie role in The Princess Diaries, the pop star made a name for herself in Hollywood. Among her most popular movie titles are A Walk to Remember, Saved!, Chasing Liberty, Because I Said So, License to Wed, Midway and Tangled. And aside from This Is Us, Moore has also appeared in shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Entourage and Red Band Society

Her salaries for these roles are unknown, but we do know that her most successful project, Tangled, brought in over $592 million worldwide. Looks like her on-screen work gave her bank account a major upgrade.

5. How much did she make through endorsements?

You may have spotted the star in several ads for Garnier—and we imagine the brand paid her a pretty penny for the partnership, considering her fame with This Is Us. But this is just one of several endorsements that she’s done throughout her career.

Unfortunately, no one knows the exact amount she earned. But she has also worked with brands like Lumenis, Gymboree, Merck, Neutrogena, and Penshoppe, so you do the math. 

Keep thriving, Mandy.

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