Indulgent Gifts for the People You Like Most

If you’re looking for a big-ticket item this holiday (or simply crave some shopping suggestions), look no further than this luxe wish list. From a jewelry box that’s almost as fantastical as the Harry Winston pieces we’d store inside it, to a pair of velvet flats that could tempt any heel addict to ditch her stilettos, there’s something for every “discerning” recipient on your list. Psst...We won’t tell if you keep something for yourself.


Herbal Advent Calendar

Filled with the most popular products (including teas and spices) from natural skin-care expert Susanne Kaufmann, this calendar is a delight for any beauty lover.


HW Logo Collection Bracelet

Featuring seven round brilliant diamonds and the legendary Harry Winston logo, this is the definition of a modern bangle.


Plush Velvet Flats

Classic Mary Jane flats prove that party shoes don’t need three-inch heels.


Silk Robe

We’ll give it to Recliner for finding a way to glamorize sleep aids.


Marshall Speaker

This vintage-inspired design plays 2017-quality sound via Bluetooth or straight from a plugged-in iPhone.


Extrait de Parfum

Meant to be kept on your nightstand, this concentrated formula from Byredo requires only a single drop to release the scent’s full effect.


HW Logo Collection Necklace

Featuring nineteen brilliant diamonds and the legendary Harry Winston logo, this necklace has us swooning.


Structured Work Satchel

Because your fave lady friend deserves a proper lady bag.


Chic (as Heck) Candle

Our favorite Parisian perfumery now makes a scent reminiscent of an American Christmas—hot milk with hints of hazelnut and cinnamon.


Chic (as Heck) Raincoat

Speaking of Parisian, Francophile Garance Doré has designed a raincoat for Stutterheim and we’ve never wanted to be caught in a thunderstorm more.


Velvet Midi Dress

Holiday frocks are that much better when someone else foots the bill.


Capsule Cream

The spherical “eggs”—packed with supercharged skin nutrients—burst when you squeeze them, making anti-aging just a little more fun.


Marble Paperweight

For the gal who appreciates the figural form.


Luggage Set

Your little jet-setter will squeal with glee. This set charges devices, and the pieces nest neatlyinside each other to save closet space.


Filigree Box

For a bookshelf, a vanity or a coffee table. This fancy little box looks great anywhere. (But we’re partial to using it as a home for our jewelry.)