The Best Animal Livestreams California Has to Offer

Take our word for it, there’s nothing more relaxing than watching birds soar and mammals frolic in the Great Outdoors. It’s enough to make you want to plan a nice long hike—or at least read Cheryl Strayed’s Wild. Here are nine mesmerizing livestreams to soothe your soul (including condors and tigers and jellyfish, oh my).

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1. California Condors

Perched high next to the redwood nest of this endangered species, this cam offers an up close and personal look at the largest flying birds in North America (they boast a 10-foot wingspan). Naturalists keep an eye on their feathered goings-on and update Facebook with news. Before viewing, we recommend reading the virtual Playbill featuring each bird’s pic and bio. We hear that 22-year-old grande dame Redwood Queen laid an egg on Leap Day (that would be February 29), so expect a baby chick to appear sometime near the end of April.

live streaming animals orangutan
Liz Sauer for San Diego Zoo

2. Orangutans

We were glued to the San Diego Zoo ape cam for a half-hour, especially enjoying one frowsy orange fellow who looked particularly bemused while huddling under a blanket on a set of—you guessed it—monkey bars. This and more monkeying about can be seen all day long.

3. Jellyfish

From the Monterey Bay Aquarium, this cam showcases cotton candy-pink jellyfish floating to and fro on a brilliant blue background. It’s so mesmerizing, you'll forget whatever worries brought you here in the first place.

4. Shark

Watch sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, spiny dogfish and more float around in this Monterey Bay Aquarium tank which is shaped like a figure eight to allow them maximum gliding room.

5. African Penguins

A lesson in penguin: When they flap their wings or throw their heads back, they are telling each other they're happy. Alternatively, leaning forward with open beaks is their warning for other penguins to step back. Penguins, they’re just like us.

live stream animals babooncam
San Diego Zoo

6. Baboons

Forgive the anthropomorphizing, but while observing one of these simians perched atop a rock at the San Diego Zoo picking at the wavy hair of another baboon, we couldn’t help but think about our last trip to the hair salon.

live streaming animals pelican

7. Pelicans

Brown pelicans, gulls and other sea birds in distress are brought to the International Bird Rescue location in San Pedro to recuperate. You’ll see them perched around an outdoor pool in this riveting livestream.

8. Hummingbirds

While you may have noticed these little winged pollinators zipping around your garden, have you ever seen one nesting? Check out both the nest cam (we find it busy on rainy days) and the live feed from a hummingbird feeder in La Verne.

streaming wildlife tiger
San Diego Zoo

9. Tigers

Because Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin aren’t the only ones who like to spend time with these magnificent cats, we’re tuning in to the San Diego Zoo’s live tiger feed. Don't miss the fact page featuring lots of interesting info like which tiger species is the biggest (Siberian) and that tigers, unlike most cats, have webbed toes and enjoy swimming, especially if there’s prey on the other side of the river.

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