Cue Childhood Freak Out: There's Now a Lisa Frank Clothing Line

Even if you just sleep in it...eeeeee!

There are some things we definitely don’t envy about kids’ lives today. Like seriously, what would our awkward middle school years have been like with the added pressure of Instagram and Snapchat? *Shudders*

But, there are also things we’re super jealous of. Namely, a new clothing line by our ‘90s dream girl, Lisa Frank, which is about 20 years too late.

Released in conjunction with the online store RageOn!, think of the most ‘90s clothes you can imagine, then multiply that by 100. (We’re talking crewneck sweatshirts emblazoned with neon dolphins and crop tops with rainbows and unicorns.)

Basically it’s everything we would have ever wanted in the sixth grade, and while we’re not going to rock these duds on the reg, we’re also not ruling out a sleep shirt featuring some of Frank’s greatest hits. 

laura and jim

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