Meet Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon’s Two Creative Children

Surprise! They're performers like mom and dad

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I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for the romance of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. And it seems I’m not alone. Just look at the love they received for the throwback Instagram post they shared in honor of their 35th wedding anniversary. (Their secret to wedded bliss? Sedgwick explained, “A sense of humor is essential…[Kevin] is very freaking funny.”) Also, I love that the couple shares their sexy dreams. What’s not to love about these two, seen out and about with their two children on the red carpet to celebrate Bacon’s co-starring role in buzzy indie horror film, MaXXXine? Here’s more about the acting duo’s two kids (including a family love of funny social media set pieces) and their accomplishments.

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1. Sosie Bacon (32)

After a life growing up around the spotlight of her parents, the actor Sosie Bacon is getting a lot of center-stage Hollywood attention for a well-regarded starring role in 2022’s Smile. Her first co-starring role came when her dad cast her in the 2005 film he directed called Loverboy, in a flashback sequence as a 10-year-old younger version of the character played by mom Kyra Sedgwick. (Sosie’s big brother Travis also appeared in the film.)

After next starring in TV’s The Closer and studying at Brown University, she was crowned Miss Golden Globe 2014. Now 32, she told Stephen Colbert that when she turned 30, she got several tattoos, had a belly-button piercing and on a whim bought a horse called Diamond. After meeting in 2019 on the set of Narcos: Mexico, Bacon is in a relationship with actor Scoot McNairy—a love match that’s an echo of how mom and dad met at rehearsals for their co-starring roles (in 1988’s Lemon Sky). In a recent Instagram post (above), Sosie and her mom swapped dresses after appearing on the red carpet—and they each looked great in both get-ups.

2. Travis Bacon (34)

First-born child Travis Bacon is a goth musician—a vocalist and programmer for metal band Contracult Collective and a guitarist for black metal band Black Anvil. Travis’s distinctive style—black clothes, long black hair, numerous tattoos and black eyeliner—reflect an affinity with growing up around the performing arts. (Mom Kyra told the host of RuPaul's Drag Race that she took Travis to his first drag show when he was 8.) It makes sense that Travis is so musical—his dad and his uncle, Emmy Award-winning composer Michael Bacon, have played and recorded music together for decades as The Bacon Brothers.

Finally, Travis is in a relationship with makeup artist Angelina Sambrotto, owner of Victorian-inspired makeup line Our Darling. Like his parents, the goth musician spread the love via social media posts, writing a birthday wish to Sambrotto on his Instagram in April: “Four Birthdays later and you still let me share this special day with you. Happy Birthday to the most special, lover, friend and cat mom I’ve ever known. I love you so much darling.” That’s not all—a week later, Travis posted himself performing with Angelina, his sister and their parents for a herd of alpacas (above).

From red carpet pranks to barn animal serenades, these kids and their parents are my new extended-family goals.

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