Attention, ‘The Holiday’ Fans! Kate Winslet Is Finally Addressing Sequel Rumors

Watching The Holiday around the holidays has become an annual tradition for us. What can we say? It’s truly a classic, feel-good movie that’s ideal to watch around Christmas time. So, when rumors of a sequel started swirling around the internet, we need to know *all* the details.

This week, actress Kate Winslet attended the premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water in the United Kingdom. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, she addressed rumors of a sequel...andddd shared that it’s a no-go (womp, womp). 

“As far as I know, it’s not true,” she said. She later revealed that “no one’s ever consulted” her about a sequel.

She continued, “I know—sadly it’s not true. It would be so fun to see Miles and Iris get back together. I kind of imagine, like, how cute would their children be? Tiny Jack Blacks running around everywhere.”

Winslet went on to say that she finds it “so thrilling” that fans continue to love the movie after all these years. But in the end, she believes that The Holiday doesn’t need a sequel. “Sometimes you just have to kind of quit while you're ahead, walk away, let it have its place in the sun,” the actress said. 

The Holiday follows a Daily Telegraph columnist named Iris (Winslet) and a movie trailer producer named Amanda (Cameron Diaz). With freshly broken hearts, both women decided to swap houses for the holidays. Soon enough, they both meet unexpected love interests. The movie also stars Jack Black (Miles) and Jude Law (Graham).

Welp, there goes our hope…

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