Secluded getaway? Bustling nightlife? Top-notch beach? With factors such as varying price points, different vibes and your own tolerance for crowds, figuring out the right Hamptons location can be overwhelming. So why not let the stars guide you? Here’s where you should spend the summer, according to your zodiac sign.

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gurneys star island resort
Gurney’s Star Island Resort


Dramatic, passionate Leos will feel right at home in Montauk, arguably the trendiest location on the East End. Whether it’s surfing at Ditch Plains, drinking mudslides at Liar’s Saloon, partying at Montauk Beach House or chilling by the pool at Gurney’s, Leos will have plenty to do (and show off on Instagram).


Like Virgos, this old-school hamlet is often misunderstood. Sandwiched between the laid-back villages to the east and the bustling hamlets to the west, tiny Bridgehampton has quieter beaches and casual mom-and-pop restaurants like Candy Kitchen, but also brand-name stores and upscale eateries like Almond.

coopers beach
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Beauty-loving Libras gravitate toward all things trendy and luxe, much like Southampton with its jaw-dropping homes, irresistible boutiques, booming nightlife and frequent celeb spottings.


Scorpios are notoriously private, so naturally, they should seek out one of the best-kept secrets of the Hamptons. Full of history, calm bay beaches and scenic landscapes, it’s the East End without the crowds.


Free-spirited Sagittarians should wander to quirky, sleepy Amagansett, full of good, cheap eats (hello, tacos at La Fondita), quality surfing beaches and live music at Stephen Talkhouse.

main street
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With a Main Street that boasts an ice-cream parlor, independent bookstore and mom-and-pop boutiques, Sag Harbor is known for its wholesome small-town charm, making it the perfect match for family-centered Capricorns.


Independent Aquarians hate to conform—so ditch the Hamptons entirely and head to the North Fork’s Cutchogue. The small hamlet is known for its peaceful bay beaches (such as Pequash Park), gorgeous vineyards (like Lieb Cellars) and quiet downtown.

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Leave it to a water sign to seek out an area totally surrounded by the stuff. Despite its proximity to the Hamptons, Shelter Island feels like a whole other world, one made for creative, sensitive Pisces, who craves a laid-back atmosphere with minimal crowds and pristine natural landscapes.


Bold and confident Aries loves to be number one, so it’s no surprise they gravitate toward the Hamptons’ most popular destination. Top-notch beaches, amazing nightlife and plenty of shopping on Main Street—it’s basically the fire sign’s dream come true.


Tiny, secluded Sagaponack was made for sensual Taureans. You won’t find a ton of shopping or nightlife here. Instead the little hamlet has arguably some of the most stunning landscapes in the East End, not to mention incredible beaches. Oh, and Wölffer Estate Vineyard is just around the corner (because you know you were wondering).


Curious, indecisive Geminis will do well in the unofficial capital of the North Fork. With a brewery and vineyards, a park with a carousel, delicious restaurants and charming boutiques, there’s plenty to keep even a restless Gem from getting bored.

capt jay ruffins
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Homebody Cancers will love the familial vibe of Westhampton Beach. The small village green has its own gazebo, the restaurants are filled with locals who all seem to know each other, and the beaches are arguably some of the best in the Hamptons.

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