This George Clooney Film Is on Its Way to Setting Some Serious Netflix Records

If you’re looking for new Netflix content to ring in the new year, we’ve got the movie for you. Called The Midnight Sky, not only is the film on its way to becoming one of the biggest-ever films on the streaming platform, but George Clooney is involved in more ways than one. 

According to Deadline, the sci-fi thriller (which is directed by and stars Clooney) is projected to be viewed in 72 million homes (!) during the first 4 weeks on the streaming platform. In addition, the movie (released on December 23) has already hit the #1 spot overall in 77 countries globally. Oh, and did we mention that the flick played in more than 800 locations in 16 countries including the U.S., Brazil, Australia, Spain, Japan and Mexico making it the platform’s biggest theatrical release of the year? 

“It has been a great experience working with Netflix,” the Ocean’s 11 star said in a statement. “At a time when no one gets to go to the theater, it is an honor to be able to have a film people have responded to in such a big way, and be able to acknowledge it.”

Based on Lily Brooks-Dalton’s acclaimed novel Good Morning, Midnight, the post-apocalyptic tale follows Augustine (Clooney), a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully (Felicity Jones) and her fellow astronauts from returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe. 

In addition to Clooney and Jones, the film also stars David Oyelowo (Selma), Caoilinn Springall, Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Demián Bichir (The Hateful Eight), Tiffany Boone (Little Fires Everywhere) and Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders). 

Looks like we officially have a date with George tonight. 

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