6 of the Funniest Women in Los Angeles Right Now

From venerable stand-up venues like the Laugh Factory to upstart stages like NerdMelt (in the back of a comic book store), L.A. is home to some serious comedic talent. And despite the fact that these ladies are heavily hyphenated (aka they’re also network stars, comedy show writers or web series actors), they’re all still gigging to keep their edge. Get ready to become low-key obsessed with these six comedians.

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Amanda Seales

Twitter: @amandaseales

Sample joke: “[SoulCycle] just looks like a really good place to train your clone army.”

Why we love her: Since her 2014 appearance on CNN shutting down a male commentator about catcalling women on the street, she’s been telling it straight (and funny) in matters of sexism and racism. Oh, and you may have seen her as Tiffany on Insecure.

Next show: She hosts the game show Smart Funny and Black the first Tuesday of the month at NerdMelt; the next show is December 5.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Fortune Feimster

Twitter: @fortunefunny

Sample joke: “I'm mortified at the thought of someone witnessing me trying to gracefully eat a lettuce wrap.”

Why we love her: She’s nurse Colette on The Mindy Project and her sweet-sounding drawl (she’s from North Carolina) says the most inapro-pro things about dating life and current events.

Next show: She’s currently touring clubs nationwide; look for her in December at her alma mater The Groundlings.

Iliza Shlesinger

Twitter: @iliza 

Sample joke: “Welcome to L.A. All of our rescue dogs are part Chihuahua.”

Why we love her: We can’t get enough of her high-energy antics and funny voices, including a hilarious bit about the party goblin that lives in your brain, waiting to misbehave the next time you get drunk.

Next Show: Girls' Night In at Largo at the Coronet, November 13

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Jamie Denbo

Twitter: @jamiedenbo

Sample joke: “Sometimes I soothe myself by whispering ‘President Al Franken, President Al Franken, President Al Franken…’ and rocking back and forth.”

Why we love her: She cracks us up as Ginsberg on OITNB, and IRL with her tweet about how she was told that at 43, she was “too old” to play the wife of a 57-year-old. 

Next show: She appears regularly at Upright Citizens Brigade and can be heard as half of the Ronna & Beverly podcast on Earwolf.

Julie Follette

Twitter: @jufollette

Sample joke: “I used to do a lot of karaoke, and you really start listening to lyrics. Like Kings of Leon. ‘You, and you, and you, your sex is on fiiii-iiire.’ Um, is that a compliment? How about if I lend you my Kaiser Permanente card to hit the clinic across the street?”

Why we love her: She riffs on her evangelical mom, her time MCing karaoke and occasionally breaks into song (she has a great voice).

Next show: Pretty, Funny Women at the Laugh Factory, November 16.

Fielding Edlow

Twitter: @Fieldingedlow

Sample joke: “Hey guys, I just discovered my one-year-old can totally watch Breaking Bad. I just told her it’s a cooking show.”

Why we love her: In her deadpan delivery, Edlow sends up L.A. life, marriage and parenthood, and pretty much nothing is sacred. She hosts a comedy show every third Friday of the month at the Improv, squabbles with her actor-husband, Larry Clarke, in a web series called Bitter Homes and Gardens and voices Roxy on BoJack Horseman.

Next show: Bitter Homes and Gardens live at NerdMelt, November 6; Eat Pray F*ck at the Improv, November 17.