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Seeing the words summer and school in the same sentence used to make us break out in a cold sweat, but now we’ll happily spend our free time indulging in a lifelong pursuit of education. Chalk it up to a lack of boring lectures and standardized tests (and the fact that some classes serve wine), but we’re eager to enroll in these seven courses this summer. 

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Sandal Making

Can’t find the perfect minimal slides at Bloomingdale’s? Make your own: At Brooklyn Shoe Space you’ll learn the lost art of cordwaining (not to be confused with cobbling, the trade of repairing shoes). In this two-evening course, you will make a pair of strappy leather-soled sandals that you can wear out the door.

Next class: June 21 and 22

Knife Skills

Pop quiz: How many of these terms do you know? Cross, rock, julienne, brunoise, mince, batonnet, baton and Pont-Neuf? There’s a lot more to working a blade than slicing and dicing. After completing this entry-level class at the Natural Gourmet Institute, you’ll know how to safely and efficiently prepare meals with a sharp knife.

Next class: July 9

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Seasonal Flower Arranging Workshop

Don’t let the fact that you live in a teeny studio with no natural light hold you back from your love of fresh flowers. We promise that the arrangement you create during Flower Girl’s Seasonal Workshop will satiate your need for a garden (and give you Instagram gold).

Next class: July 10

Dumpling Making

Dumplings are like perfectly wrapped gifts for your taste buds and after a lesson at CocuSocial you’ll know the basics of wrapping meat or vegetarian filling in triangles, wontons and pleated crescents so you can treat yourself to these perfect parcels at your leisure. We’ve never been more excited to do homework.

Next class: July 15

Absolute Beginner Ballet

If your dance training is limited to repeatedly watching Center Stage, Joffrey Ballet School’s introductory class is for you. The month-long workshop is specially designed for adults who have a passion and desire to learn ballet but no prior dance experience.

Next class: July 9 to August 9

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Wine & Cheese 101

If we were being tested on our ability to consume copious amounts of wine and cheese, we’d get an A+,  but we have a long way to go before we can call ourselves masters in pairing the two. Murray’s Wine & Cheese 101 is a perfect entry point for anyone looking to further their cheese knowledge (and a must for anyone looking to increase their cheese consumption).

Next class: June 14

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Web Design & Programming

Your extracurricular activity has now become a full-on side hustle, and you’re ready to launch a website and pitch investors. Now would be a good time to enroll in one of TechnaClass’s hands-on, intensive one-on-one courses. Learn to design and program a website or build a pitch deck to get funding.

Next class: Ongoing

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