Your Left Coast Guide to Living Like a French Woman

Because who doesn’t secretly want to pretend they’re French on a random Sunday? The French lifestyle is enviable, cultured and totally doable at these shops, restaurants and events around town. Here’s where the Venn diagram of casual Angeleno cool and French style intersect beautifully.

8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Beauty Routine This Week

Shop Some Stripes At Clarev

Straw bags, à la Jane Birkin? Check. Striped shirts, à la Brigitte Bardot? Check. These, plus super-soignée bits such as bandannas, cat-eye sunglasses and clutch purses, make this your one-stop shop for Riviera-ready style.

Locations in Silverlake, West Hollywood and Santa Monica;


Get The Natural French Glow At Caudalie

Less is more when it comes to French beauty regimens, and good looks begin with healthy skin. The facials and products at Caudalie use the antioxidant-rich byproducts of Bordeaux wine to firm, moisturize and make skin radiant—how much more French can you get?

1416 Abbott Kinney Blvd., Venice;

Eat Escargot At Petit Trois

Want to eat super-authentic French fare (croque monsieur, pâté de campagne, steak frite, etc.) in a bustling little brasserie, just like in Paris? Head to Petit Trois, nestled in a strip mall just off Highland.

718 N. Highland Ave.; 323-468-8916 or


Watch Some French Films

From April 24 to May 2, the Colcoa French Film Festival brings more than a hundred new feature films, documentaries, classics, digital works and more to the Directors Guild Theatre. Don’t miss the ballet drama Polina, co-starring Juliette Binoche.

7920 Sunset Blvd.;

Esterel Restaurant

Enjoy Some Champagne And Song At Riviera 31

A little champers goes with a sophisticated night of jazz (Mondays) or a drag show (Thursdays) at the Riviera 31 inside the French-owned Sofitel Hotel.

8555 Beverly Blvd.; 310-926-2843 or


Pick Up Caviar At Any Time Of Day Or Night

We may be 5,600 miles from Paris, but we are not savages! Here’s proof—you can buy quality Beverly Hills Caviar 24-7 from a vending machine inside the Westfield Century City mall.

10250 Santa Monica Blvd., at the VIP valet;

Embrace Café Culture

Bread, pastry and café-sitting: Not only is it French, but it’s just so easy and enjoyable an activity. At Pitchoun in DTLA, there’s even foot traffic strolling past the outdoor area, where you can nurse your café au lait at an Hermès-orange café table all afternoon.

545 S. Olive St.; 213-689-3240 or

Buy A Simple, Sexy Dress At The Kooples

The Kooples sells beautifully cut jackets and trousers, but its specialty is a collection of flatteringly filmy frocks made to wear with everything from a strappy heel (when you’re being earnest) to a thick lace-up moccasin (when you’re dressing ironically).

100 Robertson Blvd.; 424-335-0041 or

Decorate With Panache With Finds From Le Depot

Parisians pioneered the current home decorating vogue of mixed materials and periods. Get quality French antiques from the ’50s and ’60s for cut price at Le Depot, the 6,000-square-foot warehouse of Galeries Somerlath boutique. You’ll be passing these quality pieces down to family members.

4321 W. Jefferson Blvd.; 310-838-0102 or