Welcome to ‘FBOY Island’! HBO Is Releasing a Bonkers New Reality Show (& We’ve Got the Raunchy Trailer)

First, Netflix took dating to a whole new level with Sexy Beasts. And now, HBO Max is the latest streaming service to put its own twist on finding love on national television.

Introducing FBOY Island, which might be the most out there competition concept to date. HBO Max just dropped the first official trailer for the upcoming show, which tasks three single women with identifying which contestants are “nice guys” and which ones are players. (Yes, you read that right.)

The show’s host, comedian Nikki Glaser, explains the concept in the trailer, which unites singles at a remote location. “Women have been forced to tolerate the manipulative, douch-baggery of FBoys for far too long,” she says. “And that’s why we’re here. Welcome to FBOY Island.”

The clip goes on to introduce the ladies, who are ready to find love in the tropical paradise. The good news is there are 12 dateable men, who are ready to court them. The bad news is they’re intermixed with 12 “self-proclaimed FBOYs,” who are probably experts in the art of ghosting.

“He’s really cute, but he looks like he’s going to ruin my life,” one girl says.

The goal is for the women (and the audience) to determine who’s there for the right reasons. “We’re going to sniff out these troublemakers,” another adds.

Basically, FBOY Island is a cross between The Bachelor and Are You the One?, and we are here for it. The all-new series will hit HBO Max on July 29, so be sure to spread the word.

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