Emily Hampshire Says the Hardest Part of Ending ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Was ‘Saying Goodbye’ to *This* Co-Star

Emily Hampshire has a pretty extensive acting resume. However, her time on Schitt’s Creek will always hold a special place in her heart. 

The 40-year-old actress recently sat down to speak with PureWow about her latest partnership with Jim Beam and its new “Get to the Good Stuff” campaign and the launch of the company's Bourbon Cream, which combines sweet, velvety cream liqueur with the world’s finest Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

In addition to talking about the new campaign, the actress also opened up about ending Schitt’s Creek two years ago. According to Hampshire (who played Stevie Budd), the hardest part was saying goodbye to her co-stars-turned-friends-turned-family, particularly Dan Levy. 

“I mean working with that cast was the best. We all are genuine friends,” Hampshire said. “A lot of the time you do a series for six years with the same people, you don’t always love each other. But these were like my forever friends. They are like family really. And we miss each other I think that's the hardest thing. When we ended we were saying goodbye to not only the characters but to our relationship with each other. My relationship with Dan is very similar to Stevie and Davids's relationship. So, there’s a scene on the car when he said goodbye, which was also really real because he was saying goodbye to me.”

But Hampshire keeps memories of the show with her wherever she goes. In fact, she recently read the series’ new book, “Best Wishes Warm Regards,” while sitting in front of the prop she took home when the series ended: the giant painting of a stag deer that was positioned behind Stevie’s desk.

“I just actually got the book that they released,” she continued. “They sent it to me in Canada so I'm late to the party. I went through that book and I was balling by the end of it. Just the memories and how beautifully it's done. They even have Photo Booth pictures of me and Dan from our wrap party.”

We miss you, David and Stevie. 

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