New Denzel Washington Thriller Just Wrapped Filming—and It Sounds So Good

Plus, a behind-the-scenes pic

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In case you missed the news, Denzel Washington's upcoming film, High and Low, has just wrapped filming—and this Spike Lee fan is beyond excited.

This crime thriller, which is a remake of the 1963 Japanese film, marks Washington's fifth collaboration with Lee, the movie's director. Although the official logline hasn't been released, it will likely follow a similar storyline, where a businessman gets targeted by a dangerous kidnapper after his son gets abducted.

On Instagram, Lee posted a behind-the-scenes photo of the full cast and crew to celebrate the final day of filming. He wrote, "Great Sunday afternoon. This past Friday, we officially wrapped the new Spike Joint starring my brother Mr. Denzel Washington. This is our fifth Joint together. In order: Mo’ Better Blues (1990). Malcolm X (1992). He Got Game (1998). Inside Man (2006). This picture is of our hardworking, talented cast and crew. I thank you all."

Spike Lee has been quite vocal about how Akira Kurosawa—director of the original High and Low film—has influenced his work, so I'm especially curious to see how he handles the source material. In fact, in 2018, Lee told Forbes, "I read a quote by one of my heroes. Akira Kurosawa was asked in his '80s, was there anything else he had to learn because he's one of the world's masters. Is there anything else he had to learn in cinema? And Kurosawa said, 'The universe.'"

He continued, "When I read that in film school, it really cemented my mind, that you always should continue to grow and learn."

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The original film, High and Low, is considered one of the greatest thrillers of all time and was inspired by Ed McBain's brilliant crime novel, King’s Ransom. So, it comes as no surprise that Lee put together a top-notch cast for the project. In addition to Washington, the movie stars Ilfenesh Hadera, Jeffrey Wright, Ice Spice and A$AP Rocky. It's produced by Todd Black and Jason Michael Berman, and the screenplay was written by Lee and Alan Fox.

The A24 film will be released theatrically before debuting on Apple TV+.

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