12 Common Phrases You’re Probably Saying Wrong

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There’s a certain feeling that comes from hearing that something you absolutely believed to be true is actually wrong—say, that the ’90s were 20 years ago. That’s how we felt when someone told us that the phrase “another thing coming” was actually “another think coming.” Kinda earth-shattering, don’t you think? So of course, we needed to find out more about what else we could possibly be saying incorrectly. Here are 11 other common phrases you too, might be getting wrong.

The wrong way: For all intensive purposes
The right way: For all intents and purposes
Not all purposes are intense.

The wrong way: By in large
The right way: By and large
Though when we hit up Costco, we have been known to “buy in large.”

The wrong way: One in the same
The right way: One and the same
When in doubt, use “and.” (See above.)

The wrong way: Case and point
The right way: Case in point
Except in this case.

The wrong way: I could care less
The right way: I couldn’t care less
To care or not to care?

The wrong way: Flush out.
The right way: Flesh out.
Unless you’re talking about toilets, you’re fleshing out a scenario to make it more detailed.

The wrong way: Spitting image
The right way: Spit and image
Either way, ew.

The wrong way: Hone in
The right way: Home in
As in: “I am homing in on the proper way to use all these phrases!”

The wrong way: Another thing coming
The right way: Another think coming
You already know our feelings on this one.  

The wrong way: Irregardless
The right way: Regardless
No. Way. 

The wrong way: Statue of limitations
The right way: Statute of limitations
Let Jerry Seinfeld explain the difference.

The wrong way: On accident
The right way: By accident
But you do something on purpose. (Confusing, we know.)

Hey, we learn something new everyday. End of lesson. 

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